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Is This An Indication of Scary Things To Come?

Is This An Indication of Scary Things To Come?

Many people now know that food stamps are administered electronically using EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) cards. These cards are similar to a debit card but are only usable to purchase items that qualify for EBT purchases.

What many people don’t know that EBT transactions are run through the major bank JP Morgan Chase. In 2012, the EBT payment system went down for 6 hours. Some major vendors, such as Wal-Mart, manually processed the transactions, but smaller stores were unable to process the transactions, causing rising tensions as those dependent on EBT payments were unable to make their purchases.

Mike Adams says,

“[Obama supporters] will riot when the free money is cut off.

“As Ron Paul explained in his [2012] farewell speech, the entitlements must sooner or later come to an end[…].”

When those entitlements, including EBT end, the question is: will you be prepared to protect those close to you? Our recommendation is that you get prepared now.

What do you think: Do we have a riot getting ready to happen or are we completely off-base? Tell us below.

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