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Is The U.S. Already A Police State?

Is The U.S. Already A Police State?

Many U.S. citizens are concerned about government overreach and about the possibility of martial law. Previously, this seemed to be more a concern of those on the political right, but, since Trump has taken office, those on the political left have begun to be concerned about this issue. But maybe they are asking the wrong question. Instead of asking if the U.S. is becoming a police state, maybe we should ask if the U.S. is already a police state. argues that the U.S. is already in a version of a police state, and they have some compelling statistics to back up their claim. For example, they compare the reality in the U.S. to Nazi Germany, which was obviously a totalitarian regime. writes,

Nazi Germany: State dominated economic actors.
U.S.: Corporations control the government through political contributions and lobbying.

Nazi Germany: Constant political motivation (rallies support for leaders) with Nuremberg rallies, and Hitler Youth
U.S.: Persistent political apathy (allows leaders to do what they want).

Nazi Germany: Mocked democracy.
U.S.: Pretends to be the model of democracy for the whole world.

The US is a ‘managed democracy.’
Definition: a political form in which governments are legitimated by elections that they have learned to control.

We definitely have the policing power:
Over the last 25 years, civilian law enforcement has been increasingly militarized in America.

There has been a 4000% increase in “no knock,” military-armed SWAT raids over the past 30 years.

The site gives more statistics to provide a comparison, but their basic conclusion is that, while there is the illusion of freedom and the illusion of democracy in the United States, the reality is that people have less and less freedom and less and less control over their daily lives as bureaucrats and power-hungry politicians work to make this, effectively, an oligarchy (rule by a small group of people). These statistics include statistics about our prison population and NSA spying.

The challenge is that, by simply living in our “modern” society, doing business through “legal” (i.e. monitored) business transactions, and living with all of the electronics which make our lives so convenient in many ways ,avoiding government monitoring and control is incredibly difficult. Frankly, your choice, if you wish to avoid this government overreach in your life, may be to move out of the U.S. and never use electronic devices again, which is an option that very few people are likely to choose.



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  • That order was recended. I expect the govenor will have serious problems. This was evident as soon as it was reperted.

  • President Trump is working on removing many of Obama’s executive orders and quasi laws which will eventually restore the USA democracy.

  • The problem is with the gullible, blind and ignorant voters in this great country. Unfortunately, too many people are swallowing the socialist liberal nonsense and insanity, and as a result are unwittingly GIVING AWAY their freedom, liberties and constitutional rights for false government security. The socialist liberal game of divide and conquer is in full swing in this country and they have found willfully ignorant voters to facilitate their agenda. We the people have a great deal more power than is realized, all people have to do is a little research and study to realize the truth, but there appear to be to many lazy people that cede their responsibilities to the people that are supposedly voted in to “represent” them. Expecting others to have your best interest at heart is a foolish exercise that will eventually lead to being controlled and enslaved by those you blindly trust while you aren’t paying attention and foolishly give control of your life to the government.

  • No, it is not somebody’s BS Tweet. It was on reputable conservative website, the Daily Caller, and I suggest that you read the article titled: “Virgin Islands Allows National Guard To Seize Guns, Ammo Ahead Of Hurricane Irma.”

  • I saw the Governor of the US Virgin Islands Islands interviewed on FOX NEWS. The Daily Caller was quoting NY TIMES Fake News, that retracted their story, that was an unidentified source… The BS TWEET might well be speculation, however. It was done in Katrina, in Louisiana, under The Obammy Admin. and the New Orleans Gemonrat Mayor and Gov.

  • I was also very and surprised by this , Then someone explained that this illegal action by the Governor was committed through a technicality and that the U.S. Virgin Islands is a Territory and not a State , In my mind it does not make a difference , That is much like the Governor of Guam stealing private property and violating the Bill of Rights

  • The US began it’s transformation into a totalitarian state during the Civil War, under the “great” President Lincoln. Although almost all his over reaches were reversed after the war, the precedents were established. The passage of Social Security, and the Progressive Income Tax along with the establishment of the IRS, were other major steps towards a totalitarian state. Every war allows the government to take away more of our freedoms in the name of “security”. It’s no coincidence that our enemies are usually totalitarian states. They see our Constitution as a threat to all totalitarianism, and it is. If there’s ever going to be a New World Order, a world wide totalitarian state, the United States, and it’s ally Israel, the only other fairly democratic state with comparable freedoms, must be removed, either by conquest, or destruction, which is why we are constantly under attack, both from within, and without.

  • You make excellent points, Clete! I believe our most pressing problem is The Fraudulent Reserve and their strangle hold on the control of our nation’s currency. The monetary system is the government’s testicles! That, in the hands of international banking cartels takes away a lot of the mystery, of where the real power is, doesn’t it? It was signed into law in 1913 and most people don’t have a clue, The Fed is not a government agency, but a private, for profit corporation, of the most powerful people on the planet!

  • OOPs! I knew that, too! Nice catch, Marcus J. The Louisiana Governor and the New Orleans Mayor, were the Democrats that issued the gun confiscation order, proving once again that when law abiding citizens surrender their guns, only the criminal predators will have guns. Talk about loss of liberty!

  • Read: THE LAW, by Frederic Bastiat. Thin, easy read, available in paperback, on Amazon $4.95 +s & h. also avail. in hard back. It’s all meat, no salad.

  • One of the Communist leaders either STalin or Krutchif once said give me one generation your children turn out on your country !

  • Article 4, section 4 of the US Constitution. The United States of America is NOT a Democracy.

    No matter how often this lie is repeated it does not make it true.

  • The governor of the Virgin Islands is a black from New York, which probably means he’s an ultra-liberal who doesn’t give a damn about the US Constitution. He could even be a paid hack of George Soros, who is determined to disarm the American people before he leaves this earth. If the American people had been stupid enough to elect Hillary in 2016, I guarantee we’d already be disarmed, and the UN would be policing our cities. We dodged that bullet, but if we don’t vote out EVERY LIBERAL CALLING FOR GUN CONTROL, then we’ll lose our gun rights, and once that right is gone, WE’LL LOSE ALL THE REST OF OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS ALSO!

  • I remember , Although it has been years since I have said Democrats , It is the Communist party formerly known as the Demonic Rats that are the Domestic Enemy of my Country , Watch = Enemies Within by Trevor Louden , I know You would appreciate this , Also Agenda ,Grinding America Down by Curtis Bowers

  • Very wise words , Have You seen =Agenda , Grinding America Down by Curtis Bowers , Also watch = Enemies Within by Trevor Louden

  • And controlled by Jews, Rothchilds and the Bilderberg group.
    Look it up. It is seriously frightening.

  • Thank you, Marcus! I am not very computer literate and never signed up for YouTube, but if you have a website to pass along, or info for access, I will definitely check it out. My wife has an Amazon account, but I have only ordered books, on it. She got the video of Hillary’s America, by Dinesh Sousa, on it for her tablet, through Amazon , so they may have those.

  • You blame all Jews for the misgivings of a few, just like blaming all whites of being racist and all blacks as being uneducated welfare recipients. You disguise your identity for your own reasons, but If I were going to use your standards to classify you, it would be cowardly bigoted moron! FYI: John Kerry is not a Jew, but he is a Bilderberger and some say Obama and the Bushes are, as well as many other New World Order, fellow travelers. Look it up!

  • I did not say they are one in the same. How many chairs of the federal reserve were not Jews? I also did not say all Jews were included.

    Reading into my statement too deep? Or just ignorant?

  • Re-read your original statement to me and ask yourself if I am misreading your words, then ask yourself, WHO IS THE IGNORANT ONE, HERE?

  • Not a problem fellow American Brother , I got on Amazon and Infowars had the best deal , Amazon = Agenda , Grinding American Down by Curtis Bowers , Agenda Two , Masters of Deceit , Enemies Within by Trevor Louden , Order the DVD`s , Once You watch , I know You know many People that need to see it , If only true Americans took the time to watch these Documentary Films , I know that we can awaken and inform more of our fellow American Brothers and Sisters to what is happening and they too will be enlightened and have an Epiphany

  • Once again, thank you for taking the time to get back to me with this info. I will definitely get on it!

  • were already a damn police state, just the SHOOTING part hasn’t started as yet.

  • Hahahahahaha, your statements contradict themselves XD you circle jerking wannabe cowboy, pencil pushing old farts need to stop stroking eachother off. let em try and take our guns, anybody worth their salt will gladly die before giving them up, and once people’s family starts getting killed off, nobody is gunna follow any orders in the military other than the pigs who get off on it. and once joe jane john and sue come back from the military theyll bring with the actual firepower and theyd be fucked. so no they arent gunna even try to do that shit. nobody’s gunna take guns away, you senile old fucks are just paranoid “stay off my lawn, thats my plant matter on my designated dirt lot.” wake the fuck up out of your self indulging spiral of paranoia and do something actually good and productive for the world, like find new ways to make fuel cells for your old carbuerated cars so you dont have to rely on big brother, or if you got the noggin and gonads for it, advance some science in the fields you can, so we evolve past the need for government or so we can leave this godforsaken rock. they want you to stay dumb and ignorant of actual ways to progess. they want you to keep fighting imaginary problems; hypotheticals, and only stay inside ur little dont tread on me circle jerks, talking shit about the “demonic rats” when if you actually talked openly with anyone you disagreed with youd find alot more incommon with than not and your adverse ideas and beliefs could cover more of possible ideas and double the progress rate of humanity. god didnt make us to bicker and bitch, he made us to explore and conquest the universe. shits too big for his plan to only include this insignificant spec in a single ray of light. he made the whole damn thing for us. thats like ur grandpa building you a house but only letting you stand in the bottom most corner of the basement facing the corning and you cant move or leave. how stupid would that be. sitting in the corner muttering to ur self about the greatness of your corner ur grandpa made and how ur dad is trying to take our dicks away. lmfao snap out of it you old shits, the future is now!!

  • yall dont sound clever with ur your dumb ass plays on words; “killary” “fraudulent reserve” “demonic rats” “jorge bush” etc, you old shit for brains sound fucking retarded. trying to insult with a shitty name call? how about insult them based on what the base ideas are from what they say? like what they mean maybe? fuck that shit up. tear down their credibility, not their fucking nicknames hahahahaha

  • the shooting part has started tho? have you seen the statistics for armed and unarmed deaths caused by police? even just police shootings? jesus christ this whole website retarded or what???

  • “thin, easy read” holy fuck, so thats how dumb you all are… all reading is easy, is it not? and thin reads are usually not worth reading because they are other peoples thoughts… make ur own thoughts not just regurgitating whats been shoved down your gullet with macdonalds by fox and infowars and fellow buttfucking closet queer circle jerking repubicans only listening to republicans lalalala i cant hear you lalala. wtff

  • You are not even civil in your critique of something you obviously never read. It makes one wonder if you know how to read. My point, of “quick, thin, easy read” was to encourage those with an aversion to reading and instead, get their “fake news” propaganda from MSM. I want them to know, that it is important to have a life guiding philosophy, to filter the crap through, without having to read CICERO, or THE LAW OF NATIONS, etc. I would label you a dick, but obviously you are no part of a man. Judging by your homophobic assertions, you are eaten up with perversions… oh! Did I make a pun, there? I thought I needed to point it out, so it didn’t fly right over your libturd head!

  • lmfao your point was to encourage to read AND INSTEAD get fake news?? forgetting some words there little buddy? your improper use of comma after “want them to know”, you are the “crap” people need to filter out my dude. furthermore, one shouldnt get their core philosophy from political garbage books hahaha maybe thats why you’re so damn retarded, i dont know. id take offence to your attack on my manhood, but my mom told me not to give credence to white trash. and i dont identify as a human. also, to answer your question, no. you did not in fact make a pun XD you rhymed, with improper grammar lololol “libturd” you are spewing with cleverness. id call you a jackass, but im afraid youd get confused and fuck yourself, so ill refrain.

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