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Investigations Are Finally Being Opened Into One Violent Terrorist Group

Investigations Are Finally Being Opened Into One Violent Terrorist Group


The left-wing extremists are becoming more radical by the minute.

Acts of political violence are escalating across the country.

And investigations are finally being opened into one violent terrorist group.

Protests in response to the murder of Minneapolis resident George Floyd sprung up across the nation and rapidly descended into chaos.

One of the reasons why is because of agent provocateurs from the militant group Antifa.

The so-called mainstream media have been protecting the organization for years despite several violent acts, but Donald Trump finally designated them a terrorist organization.

Antifa has all the hallmarks of a terror group.

They use violence and intimidation to further a political goal, i.e. communism, they have an insignia, they operate in foreign countries, and they move across state lines.

Democrats have allowed them to operate with impunity because Antifa does the dirty work that the establishment Democrats cannot or will not do, but largely agree with.

For example, mainstream Democrats would never show up at Tucker Carlson’s home at night, bang on the door, and intimidate his wife who was home alone.

The irony for Democrats, however, is that Antifa hates mainstream liberals – these radicals want an all-out communist revolution.

Now, acting head of the Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf says investigations into Antifa are underway.

In an interview with Bret Baier on Fox News, Wolf first detailed Antifa’s tactics during the Floyd protests.

“It usually occurs after nightfall. So, during the day, we usually see the nonviolent protests occurring…And then, when it gets to the night, we see the more violent protests starting to happen, criminals starting to take place, organized, loosely organized during the day to achieve a specific goal,” said Wolf.

Pallets of bricks have mysteriously been found in cities across the country and strategically placed in protest zones.

There’s reasonable speculation that militants like Antifa put bricks in place at night for rioters and looters to use when violence escalates.

Wolf continued, “We have a number of investigators at the department that are working with DOJ and working with FBI. We know that they have opened up a number of cases specifically targeting some of the leaders of Antifa and other organizations that are involved.”

It’s about time that these Antifa goons are investigated.

They need to be exposed for the violent communists they are.

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