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Infuriating: Sheriff Admits That His Cops Have Incentive To Kill Rather Than Wound You

Infuriating: Sheriff Admits That His Cops Have Incentive To Kill Rather Than Wound You

What is the cost of a human life? Can you really put a price on it? Should we even put a price on it?

Well, apparently, Sheriff Donny Youngblood of Kern County, California thinks that a human life is worth about $3 million dollars. I’m sure that makes many of the families of the thirteen people killed last year by police officers in his county feel better.

Now, in case you think that I’m making this up, Matt Agorist gives us the details:

In responding to a question posed to him regarding specific areas of Deputy training, Donny Youngblood said, “When a guy makes a bad shoot on somebody and kills them, $3 million dollars and the family goes away.” He continues, “When a deputy shoots somebody, which way is better financially? To cripple them or kill them for the county?”

An off camera interview attendee states, “Kill them.”

Donny Youngblood replies, “Absolutely, because if you cripple them you have to take care of them for life and that cost goes way up.”

This sheriff stands behind his claims too. According to a five-part series by The Guardian, covering police killings in 2015, Kern County’s deputies and police officers are “America’s deadliest police.”

According to the data, the county had more people killed by law enforcement officers per capita than any other U.S. county.

Now, if we take the emotion out of it and are dealing purely with the financial side of things, he makes a point. The appalling thing is that we are even having this discussion. In our world in which more and more people are concerned about police violence and police brutality, police should be thinking more about how to save lives than about how to minimize the financial impact of someone being killed.

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It’s absolutely infuriating.

Unfortunately, it’s likely that Sheriff Youngblood’s viewpoint about police killings is similar to the thinking of other police departments with their increases in military hardware and, in some cases, military training for what used to be called a “peace officer” job. It makes you wonder if their job is really to be a peace officer or if their job is to be “law enforcement officers” even if the law is illegal and overbearing.

The kind of flippancy which Sheriff Youngblood seems to hold for the lives of other people is outrageous, and we need to demand better from our elected officials.

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  • Whatever happened to “Peace” Officer , now days it`s Police “enFORCEment ” Officer!!!

  • I think it is pretty standard procedure with LE across the country to shoot to kill rather than wound, though they will not tell you that. Police officers are trained to fire two shots at the thoracic (chest) cavity and, if the suspect doesn’t stop dead in his tracks, then fire to the cranial-ocular cavity (head shot). If the officer hits you in those places you are almost certain to die, but they don’t EVER shoot to wound. In many cases they fire a lot more shots than that. I understand that being a cop is a difficult and dangerous job, but over the years I have seen their training and tactics become a LOT more aggressive and deadly. I friend of one of my clients was recently killed by police when he called his wife on his cell phone. They claim they thought he was reaching for a gun, but of course he was unarmed. All this because somebody filed a bogus charge against him that put the cops immediately on the defensive. No more presumption of innocence. Now it’s shoot first, ask questions later

  • The police officers in these racially tense times, much more tense since Barack Oliar got elected, are trained to use deadly force as a last resort and rightfully so not trained to shoot to wound. All this nonsense about “peace officer” is ridiculous. Officers are called to deal with all the scum offenders and criminal activity that individuals in society don’t want to deal with. They are dealing with the worst dangerous and deadly that society has to offer. And more so now than ever there is a total lack of the most basic respect for officers, actually there is much straight out contempt for officers. It is so simple to follow the requests and if needed commands of the officers. What does any normal thinking individual think is going to happen when an officer is forced to draw their firearm and someone acts like a disrespectful fool that continues to reach behind their back, in their pants, for “something” in the car when the officer has REPEATEDLY ask or demanded they stop such actions, especially in the dark of night. I don’t know the sheriff or the total context of the conversation, but he did speak the truth, it is cheaper to pay a death benefit than a decades long survivor benefit.

  • This is no surprise to me, Kern County Sheriff’s deputies routinely assault citizens for video recording in public, which is a 1st Amendment Constitutionally protected activity and they know what they are doing is a federal crime. They don’t give a damn. One of the two ways this gets fixed is for the citizens of the county to grow a set and fire this criminal. The fact that they are aware of his criminal activity and he still has his job only goes to show that they are all cowards. The only other way this gets fixed is that the insurance company that hold the bond on the department cancels the policy. No liability insurance, no sheriff’s department. I will do some research to find out which insurance company that is and make them aware of this criminal activity. I suggest that anyone who cares to should do the same.

  • That’s not always the case, some, if not all cops get that badge and instantly become tyrants and violate the constitution on a regular basis. Please don’t respond negatively about this comment because I have seen it first hand and also in 100’s of videos on line. Videos don’t lie. these cops have serious ego problems and need to be kept in check. This criminal behavior is not confined to a handful of departments around the country. It’s east coast to west coast, Canada to Mexico.

  • One thing to note is the origin of the word Sheriff. If you don’t know where that word began you will never trace this insanity back to the source and uproot it.

    Q was right about one thing. Huma needs a spotlight and some very hard questions.

  • Are you saying you are under the delusion that “some, if not ALL cops get that badge and instantly become tyrants and violate the constitution on a regular basis”? With the hundreds of thousands of officers on the job dealing with the millions of crimes and criminals annually with the relatively small number of officer involved shooting you think that ALL officers are out on the street looking to shoot and kill someone? Videos do lie when they are edited by the media to elicit anger and racial tension instead of showing the complete video. Are there “bad cops” on the job, absolutely, but it is far from some if not ALL. There have been over 700 people shot in Chicago alone this year so far, it seems to me that is a far bigger problem. Officers have been shot while sitting in their patrol cars and coffee shops, targeted by the evil criminals in society. Once again, if people would simply follow the requests and commands of the officers instead of being belligerent confrontations fools a lot of these officer involved shooting would not be necessary.

  • No one is considering the real reason for this carnage. It is a direct result of a society that is violent because the children have no fear of the consequences of their actions mostly because they are from single parent families and their parents are missing in action. Everyone is so self absorbed that they think their children can raise themselves, they have no values because their parents are just as bad as they are; self absorbed and infatuated with themselves. If police are fired upon they must return fire and the shooters must know that. No officer goes out with the intention of killing they simply react to the situation at hand. It’s not like on TV where a cop can reason with a criminal and have him lay down his gun. Just think what you would do if you were armed and confronted by a criminal shooting at you. The Sheriff is simply stating the obvious, not necessarily because he likes it but because it is a reality. As we murder thousands of unborn children each year without a second thought why aren’t you addressing that outrage and the low value placed in their lives.

  • I watched a L.A. sheriff training film where the general public were refered to repeatedly as “cockroaches”,, that pretty much sums up what LE , at least in that part of the country think about the people they are supposedly charged with protecting.

  • ?The law is the law and therefore is not illegal. If the courts determine a law is illegal, it is no longer a law. That was one absurd comment at the end of the article that makes the entire article suspect.

  • Since police officers are not supposed to shoot unless it is to stop the Imminent threat to someones life the idea that they should just WOUND the person allowing them to continue shooting or try the FICTION from Hollywood of shooting the weapon out of the criminals hand is ludicrous.

    The problem we have is that there are some NOT ALL officers who think they are authorized to shoot someone for not immediately complying with their orders regardless of if they are an actual threat to someone.

    This is proven even more evident by the ones who tazer people (even when they are restrained) to punish them as if the tazer which is by directive of the manufacturer “Only to be used as a POTENTIALLY non lethal response where LETHAL force would otherwise be used” because there are medical issues and even certain environmental conditions that can result in death.

    That being said it has long been the practice not just of police but military and private security that IF lethal force is required to do what is needed to STOP the attacker this does not mean trying Hollywood fiction of just wounding them or trying fancy trick shots that would more than likely harm innocent bystanders.

    The MONEY part is because to many judges have been AWARDING CRIMINALS compensation for being injured “on the job” as if CRIME is a legitimate way to gain income and the AUTHORITIES or VICTIMS who stopped them are somehow required to COMPENSATE the criminal for the injuries they received or the criminals family for his death while BREAKING THE LAW and THREATENING peoples lives.

  • That is not an absurd comment it is a legal fact they just worded it poorly.

    The fact is simply this if an unconstitutional bill is passed into law they can enforce it until a court orders them to cease on the grounds the law is unconstitutional.

    When the court rules a law unconstitutional that law is void and no longer legal to enforce until it goes back through the legislature and is changed to remove the parts the court said was unconstitutional.

    Unfortunately in recent times we have judges legislating from the bench by amending such laws themselves rather than following the constitutionally required process of revoking it as unconstitutional and leaving it up to the constitutional process of the legislature either making a new law to address the issue or amending away the unconstitutional parts of that law.

  • While I agree completely with your understanding of the law and constitution, even after a re-read, poorly written is being quite generous.

  • You are TOTALLY correct.. I “First Hand” have had cops tell me…”I`AM THE LAW”. How much more UNTRUE could one get ???

  • Anyone who has lived in California for any length of time knows that just about every cop in Kern county is a douche. Avoid that county like the plague if and when possible. If you get pulled over for speeding in Kern county, you can count on them atleast attempting to cite you for 3 more things, just for the revenue. Yes, speaking from experience btw.

  • This article leaves out some information in order to incite furor. In 1989 SCOTUS ruled that ‘lethal force’ – shooting, for instance – can only be used by law enforcement as a measure to prevent being the victim of lethal force.

    Therefore, to intentionally ‘shoot to wound’ someone is not measuring up to that standard and may not be employed.

    All law enforcement agencies in the United States are prohibited from using lethal force unless there is no other remedy. Why? Because the Supreme Court said so.

    If the purpose of this article is to foment unrest, some of the other responses on this thread indicate you don’t need to do much fomenting.

  • The procedure is to ‘shoot to stop’ immediately, the unlawful and lethal activity of the shootee. However, however shooting an already violent person usually takes some doing and death is not an unusual result.

    I would also point out the people who get shot do not just volunteer, but actively apply for it.

  • In hearing “I AM THE LAW” You should shut the Hell up and comply with the Officer.

  • And you should PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR *** and realize “WHAT`S REALLY going on in this Nation. It is becoming a POLICE STATE and they are stripping us of our Freedom and Liberty. They were hired to “REPRESENT” the law. And besides that, they enforce “STATUTES” NOT the Law,,, WAKE UP !!!

  • What I would like to see is a complete shutdown of the Nations Police Departments for two weeks.

  • Avoid that county like the plague, if you do it means that the Police are effective at doing their jobs ( maybe due for a pay increase?)

  • I was a RO on IB,CA police for about 4 yrs, Cockroach was a nice polite name.I always

    suspected that LA was a little soft

  • Perhaps the bad guys should stop shooting the good guys (say, is there an echo in here ?)

  • Cops are not trained to kill or wound. They are trained to stop (neutralize) the threat.
    Itfbhh, no cop ever wakes up, looks in a mirror and says “I’m gonna smoke a thug today”. You smoke too much crack if that’s what you believe.
    The environment that the thugs reside in, determines if they live or die. The environment is where thugs are trained to be wild or law abiding citizens. The environment is made up of fatherless households where the mother has to work up to 3 jobs per day, just to provide meals and a roof over their heads. Thus the children learn what is taught to survive on the street. The children choose their destiny.
    If the environment has mass shootings, like Chicago does, then there will be more deaths than a community that has parents v. parent.
    If the environment is dangerous to its citizens, it will be just as dangerous to police officer’s.

  • Judges in SoCal disobey the Constitution and rule by who pays them under the table, or by how they think, and never by the laws already passed. For example: Allowing a Illegal Alien to get away with murder. The Jury and Judge are LibTurds and hate law abiding citizens,
    I pray each one of them die from the hands of those they set free.

  • XN Savage: Evidently, you believe that it is the job of the police to instill fear in everyone, including law-abiding citizens. So, in your heartless world, if no one ever visits or lives in Kern County because of the police, it’s because the police are doing their jobs correctly.

    Totalitarians . . . they’re everywhere.

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