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If You Want To Keep Your Guns, Stay Out Of This State

If You Want To Keep Your Guns, Stay Out Of This State

We don’t tend to focus on guns on this site, but many serious preppers are concealed carriers or open carriers of firearms and many more have firearms in their homes for practical self-defense reasons. And it makes sense. If you need to protect your family in a disaster situation, not much works better in our modern age than a firearm to stop aggression. We do have one recommendation, though, as you live your life as a person prepared:

Stay out of Connecticut.

We’re not kidding. Legislation has been proposed that could easily be used for purposes other than the stated purpose of the law (that statement may apply to all laws, for that matter). Louder With Crowder notes,

“The pending legislation proposes that alleged domestic abusers -the majority of cases involving a male- would be required to surrender their firearms and ammunition if their partners seek temporary restraining orders, regardless of due process or proof. ‘The right to live is more important than any other right we have,’ said Senator Mae Flexer, who has worked in recent years on domestic-violence issues.”

Here is the problem with this legislation from a prepper point of view: all it takes is the accusation of domestic violence to take all of your guns and ammunition. All of it. No proof required.

So, if some government employee finds your particular brand of politics  unpleasant, they can get someone to accuse you of domestic violence, and then you’ve lost all of your guns and ammo. It doesn’t take much of an imagination to see how this type of thing could be twisted by any despotic regime to prevent their political opponents from defending themselves should they “inconveniently” be attacked.

To make this worse, the accuser doesn’t even have to seek a restraining order or go through some kind of physical evaluation. Any accusation will do, and, if you can be stripped of your rights based on an accusation without proof, then how safe do you think any other rights or personal property will be from people who dislike you for any reason.

Even if well-intentioned, it’s simply crazy.

What do you think about this proposed law in Connecticut: Good idea or just an excuse to make us defenseless? Sound off below.



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  • I am willing to relocate….I have been an engineer for 17+ years. I have worked in the medical device industry and in the computer chip manufacturing industry. I am on linked-in and I am in no way your typical Connecticut resident. So if you are willing to help me out, I would love to take my preparations and move them to a more secure state. MA, NY, MD, CA are all no good for me as these are similar to CT.

  • Florida was the leader in shall issue CCW, and has some of the best reciprocity. Texas has a good economy and reasonable gun and tax laws. Georgia just relaxed their laws–some people referred to a recent law as “guns anywhere.” NH and VT are sane on guns but surrounded by lunatics which makes travel difficult. I grew up in CT, and moved to FL from NH, Didn’t want to at the time, but glad now that I did.

  • Just another leftist gun-grab! They have come up with so many ways already, and they’re constantly scheming, to take guns through the back door that by the time they come knocking on the front door, there won’t be many left! The leftist ideologues are so obsessed with disarming the American people that they will use anything, remotely related to guns, as an excuse to take them, no matter how tenuous that relationship is.

  • Connecticut has been one of my “can’t live in” states for years. Add MA, RI, NY, NJ, CA, IL, WI, MD, and a couple of others.

  • Much worse then just Pretended Legislation , It would be hard to disregard as such

  • Go South, I’m in Arkansas. We are # 3 on list of states with “most guns per person”. when O*(%$ was elected I prepared to leave the US. Places where you can keep your guns will surprise you. We’d love to have you in the South! Best wishes.

  • just a thought, but I think anyone one person or group that tries to make legislation or pass a law that goes against the constitution should be charged with treason.

  • The worst State of the Union is Connecticut and the uninformed, uneducated, communists in the State :Legislature. I once lived there and I know some of them personally and would never want to be associated with them less want them deciding my future. The once proud Constitution State is NO LONGER!!!!

  • Truer words have never been spoken…..Who will stand up????? That, my friend is the question!! You do not have enough people in Connecticut to stand up against these Fascist who have taken over the government in Connecticut! That also includes your Federal representatives.

  • Well you all can run to another state but their comes a time when it’s stand up and fight time to organize the people in your state and redress your grievances if that does not work well we all know were we have to go with this know your state constitution and use it fight the good fight first but when all else fails it going to be a long road to hoe if that be the case

  • TEXAS is a solid choice for people like you in so many ways. Lots of options here but when it comes to property rights and gun rights … its hands down one of the VERY best!

  • Pick up the book “Strategic Relocation”, by Joel Skousen, it is packed with beau coup info on states/countries where one might want to live in times of crisis.

  • Damn rt it is! And we all are ready for these pricks! Especially if clitory gets in! Its war when she trys the south!! Especially oklahoma, texas,we leavin

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