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How To Prep On Little To No Budget

How To Prep On Little To No Budget

Most anything that you do to take care of your family and yourself are going to tend to cost money. Prepping is no different. There is equipment that you’ll want to buy, training that you’ll want to get, supplies that you’ll want to purchase, and, if you can swing it, the expense of paying for a bug out location.

But not everything that is part of a prepping lifestyle needs to be an investment (hey, if it saves your life, is it really an expense?). There are ways that your prepper work can save you money now.

Take, for example, food self-sufficiency, specifically, your garden. It makes sense for you to have a garden now. Why? Because if you stay where you are to weather out a disaster, you have food already at hand. Alternately, if you have a garden at your bug out location (and assuming that the your bug out location isn’t too far to get to fairly easily), then you have a food supply ready there.

Also, having a working garden makes sure that your skills in gardening are at good-to-go because you don’t have to work to remember those little details that you forget when you haven’t done something in a while, and you will likely have a seed bank already on hand in case you need to get up and go.

Of course, being sharp with your gardening skills can help your budget now, even when you aren’t in a survival situation. Think about how much of your family’s groceries can actually be grown and canned so that you aren’t spending money for those groceries at a grocery store. If you have an especially productive garden (and, as you get better at it, you’ll learn how to maximize your crop yields), you can start bartering fresh vegetables for products or services from other people or you can take part in a local farmer’s market and generate some income from your garden.

In fact, if you think about it, you could use the profits from your garden to pay for the equipment and training that you want so that you are prepared for any disaster, so, you could possibly make your prepping a “no money out of pocket” situation. Wouldn’t that be ideal?

So, if you haven’t already started, maybe now is the time to start your garden. Who knows what options that will give you?

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