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How To Build A Bunker In Your Backyard

How To Build A Bunker In Your Backyard

The word “bunker” brings to mind many different possibilities. Maybe you think about bunkers to survive bombing raids like many experienced during World War II. Or maybe you remember the Cold War all too clearly and think about a bunker to survive the nuclear holocaust that you (and everyone else) were terrified would hit any day now when the Russians nuked us. Or maybe you think of something a little different

Some wealthy people are even having luxury bunkers built for them so that they can survive the class war and societal collapse which they believe is coming.

Regardless of the reason, you may be interested in building your own bunker in your backyard so that you have a safe place to escape to should you need to get to safety quickly (unlike getting to a bug out location). If that is you, here is a basic outline from of the process to build your bunker with our comments:

1. Digging your hole: notes that you want this bunker to be as secret as possible. After all, if the zombie apocalypse is going to happen, then you don’t want them arriving at your doorstep looking for you to be their next meal. You can choose to hire a contractor or have friends over to help (maybe with a promise of a spot in the bunker) or maybe you want to do all the work yourself. To ensure that you can survive anything, you may want to consider digging your hole twenty feet deep.

2. Installing your walls: Unless you are a concrete contractor, you will probably want to get quotes from these contractors to install steel reinforced concrete walls. The goal, after all, is to survive the blast and potential fallout. You will also need to take into consideration having openings for an air filtration system, sewage elimination system, and possibly a way to collect rainwater.

3. Stockpiling: You’ll want to make sure that you have shelf-storable food and plenty of water (at least 180 gallons for each person to survive for a year in the bunker).

4. Entertainment: did not mention this aspect, but, if you do not find a way to keep your mind occupied over your stint underground, you will likely not come out of the experience with the best mental balance, and, thus, could make some really bad (and dangerous) decisions as time goes on (like when to leave the bunker and who to trust when you come out). Have some good books. Have a guitar. If you have a power source, maybe have video games. Find someway to keep your mind sharp and alert.

Should you build a bunker in your backyard? That really depends on what you think the likely disaster scenarios are, but, should you decide to do so, you now have a basic outline of how to go about it. And, on the plus side, unlike the wealthy people spending $2 million per bunker, if you are really careful with your money, you could build your bunker for under $10,000.

Are you planning on building a bunker in your backyard? Why or why not? Tell us below.

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