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How Obama Just Made WW3 Inevitable

How Obama Just Made WW3 Inevitable

The leadership of the country of Iran has a glaring history of violence and terrorism. These psychotics speak conciliatory words to U.S. diplomats and media, who gladly lap it up blind to the poison in them. Why do I say that? Because Iranian negotiators turn around from these conciliatory words and the very same day joins marches wishing death to America and Americans.

Does this seem like someone that you can trust to keep their end of a treaty? Especially when their “holy” book, the Koran, advocates lying to your enemies and breaking treaties so that you can advance your agenda. Don’t believe me? Check the Koran.

So, with Obama signing a treaty with Iran which will, fundamentally, provide funding without oversight to a regime with crazy tendencies, he has effectively paved the way to World War III, and a nuclear world war, at that.

If you weren’t sure if you needed to get ready for a survival situation, then, be warned. Now is the time. Unlike previous world wars, this one will come to us, and our government has made it clear that they have no intention of stopping it from happening.

What do you think: Has Obama guaranteed that there will be a WW3? Tell us below.

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  • All of you dumb-asses that put this Muslim SOB into the White House not once but twice, are you in any way sorry what you have done to our kids and grandkids? And our poor military personnel and police are getting screwed daily because of this Muslim liar.
    Those of you that didn’t vote, get off of your ass and vote this year and get these DAMN Liberal Democrats out of the Congress.

  • All of you dumb-asses that put this Muslim SOB into the White House not once but twice, are you in any way sorry what you have done to our kids and grandkids? And our poor military personnel and police are getting screwed daily because of this Muslim liar.
    Those of you that didn’t vote, get off of your ass and vote this year and get these DAMN Liberal Democrats out of the Congress.

  • Nothing this America hatiing communist does or says surprises me.
    I hope we can make it thru the next 18 months

  • Plenty of folks still defending this guy and singing his praises. I think when WW3 does come around, they’ll find reasons to blame it on Bush.

  • The Shoddy Iran Deal, South China Sea situation, Russia putzing around and stirring up tensions…take your pick..or all three.

  • Obama is a TRAITOR, he has always hated America.
    He knows nothing of American values or the love and pride for our founders.
    Obama, left wing socialist jihadist SCUMBAG has sold out America and has left us
    open to attack.
    The COWARD Obama is ready and willing to surrender to our enemies.
    He must be IMPEACHED and put in PRISON where he belongs.

  • Whats wrong with Washington is there anyone who has the balls to put a bullet through the brain of this pig Obama. Havent the poor masses seen enough do they think that another cell phone or some more food stamps will still cloud there thoughts and vision. Its time for this administration to be behind bars and done away with. Impeachment were past that his brains need to be splatered against the white house walls. Democrats you helped put him in the white house now help us get him out. This is no longer an apple & oranges a political situation its = DEATH TO AMERICA. Doesnt it concern you that Obama has control right now of any bullets you can possible buy anywhere??

  • Unfortunately, the gutless wimps in the Senate wouldn’t dare impeach him. They’re too afraid they would be called racists.

  • Because of Mr Muslim Obama are now surrounded by people who want to kill us Cuba to the South China to the west Russia and Iran to the east so don’t be surprised you liberal pieces of shit when the big lights on the big lights go up and your city is gone because you are fucking morons anybody could see you after his first term he wanted to make America a third world country and you stupid stupid stupid son of a bitch bastards fucked it up for the great country that we had

  • Yes Obama has been striving for this and he wont be happy until 3 hands on both sides of the big ditch can press the same button at the same time.

  • Obama HAS guaranteed that there will be a WWIII, but it’s not just because of the Iran deal. He has fomented so much hatred for th U.S. globally that WWIII will be this: a coalition of nations against the U.S. ALONE. He has insured with this deal that Iran will be the dominant power in the Middle East and I believe that they will use that to create the Persian Empire reborn, centered around the Abbasid Caliphate. They will be one player, along with North Korea, China, and Russia. Either Russia or China will be the leader of this endeavor and I believe that the next Great War will be prefaced by a great disabling weapon….I’m thinking an H-EMP. Then…invasion.

  • Why do you say ” you dumb asses?” We the people voted for. Obama. We. Also voted for Senators and Representatives who have the power to impeach our illegal president. Why don’t you petition your elected officials to do their jobs instead on attending dinner parties and figuring out how to fleece the People for more money. It may take two to Tango but it takes Tanco to put labels on the right ones.

  • these people realize what they have done to their own children and grand children , they simply dont in their self centered lifestyles care about what they have done to the future,
    its always someone else’s fault…no self accountability …

    there is a holocaust coming for these very same in self denial wont change the fact either…..the horrors islam brings ..will take many of them by surprise …esp the very vocal, gay minority.
    you know they throw them off buildings for fun before they are killed

    The freedoms brought about by our constitution ,… they scream with glee at its being torn apart, in the name of political correctness ….will soon disappear …

    then it will be to late for all of us……..

    ever wonder why in the book of revelations , the usa isnt around, the whore of babalon is slain.
    thats why

  • Mr. Obama is a traitor to the Free Western World and our ideals. Mr. Obama no longer deserves to be referred to as our President, or Commander and Chief. Mr. Obama’s does not deserve to be just impeached. Mr Obama and his entire administration should be removed from power immediately. Mr. Obama’s name should be removed from any and all mention from our US history. He should be stripped of power and any and all benefits fitting a Senator or previous President. All Retirement funds or income, Healthcare, Secret Service Protection etc.. He should then be tried for crimes against the US Constitution and his failure to protect every US Citizen, our Borders and our Economy. That would be a good list to start with. To lower our standards to saying he should be paid with a bullet to the head or anything other than removal from power, stripped of all government benefits and tried as a war criminal only lowers our standards of justice to a criminal level. That would be until Mr Obama tries to order our troops into Marshall Law to protect himself, his family and his corrupt administration. And please don’t leave Hillary Clinton with our 1st Husband to be Bill Clinton out of the equation. They are criminals of the worse kind to our constitutional rights and freedoms too many now take for granted will always be there – but not in a Clintonese Ruling Party Future. Don’t kid yourself.

  • Obama agenda from day one in office has been to destroy America. He is a muslim, and his bible, the Koran, says to kill the infidel. More proof is not required of his intent.

  • A communist believes in the government ownership of the means of production and distribution . AKa scientific socialism. This is the Russian model that led to a totalitarian state and an oligarchy of the few who crushed all opposition. Hitler was a national socialist not a scientific socialist like Marx,Lenin, Stalin and Obama

  • I think that your blind objection to Obama has caused a serious deficit in understanding on two counts:

    1. The wars and convert activity to start proxy wars was going on long before Obama came into office. I fault him for continuing what was started by career neocons decades ago, but won’t put all of the blame on him. Bush did far worse, since he started much of what is going on now.

    One example that you probably don’t know about is that the National Endowment for Democracy, an NGO that was set up by a CIA Director before Bush, has spent billions in Ukraine propping up neo-NAZIs to overthrow their democratically elected government, because it wasn’t friendly enough to the Western banking establishment. Then, when some easterners of Russian heritage objected, their families were mercilessly murdered by fascist battalions who were essentially doing ethnic cleansing on the behalf of the U.S. supported puppet mobster that was installed. Then they try to frame Putin for helping them fight back, and try to frame him for downing an airliner that even the German intelligence agency confirmed was shot down by Ukrainian jet fighters. What do you expect Russia to do in that case? What would you do if the situation was reversed? I think Putin has exercised marvelous restraint. This is not Russian propaganda. If you listen to anyone who actually is or was in Ukraine and reports details of what is actually happening there, you will know.

    Another example is Syria, where the U.S. is supporting terrorists on one hand while doing some token bombing of them on the other hand in an attempt to overthrow Assad, who is friends with Russia.

    I hope that you have found out by now that Osama Bin Laden was a CIA asset, whose assignment was to harass the Russians in Afghanistan, and had nothing to do with 9/11. The video supposedly saying he did was a fake. He himself had eariler said to Pakistanian newspapers that he had nothing to do with it. But his assignment was up, and he had to be taken down in a useful way. Like Oswald, he was a patsy.

    2. Regarding Iran, ALL of the Western intelligence agencies have repeatedly verified that Iran has not been trying to build nuclear weapons. It doesn’t matter if Iran is lying or hate mongering. They simply are not trying to build them. In addition, the treaty with Iran forces them to give up any possibility of the processing needed to build nuclear weapons, and forces them to accept investigators in their country to make sure of that on a continuing basis. How can you possibly get any better than that? Better no treaty, in which case they WILL build nuclear weapons, because they’ve been backed into a corner and won’t allow any inspectors?

    And, by the way, both Fox News and the Obama adminstration have won Supreme Court decisions that it is perfectly OK for them (Fox News and Obama) to lie. Why would you demand that Iran is any better?

  • As the leader of ACORN Obama is much like Hitler as he can possibly be. Hitler was a rabble rouser just like Obama. Obama is using the same tactics as Hitler’s NAZIS used in WWII Germany. Same SHIT different Asshole.

    Obama’s mother hated America and Christ. In fact Stanley Ann earned the moniker of anti Christ Ann in college. When Stanley discovered her Indonesian husband did not HATE America she packed up young Barry and sent him home to her communist parents in Hawaii. Bottom line Obama has been brainwashed since birth to HATE America and Jesus Christ! In addition to this Obama was brainwashed by Islam while young to think of everybody not Muslim as not worthy of life.

    Obama’s actions and words betray him!

  • OK, but, his policies remind me of the ones that Hitler put in place in the 1930:s that’s where my comparison comes from starting with healthcare.

  • I hope that you all know that Iran once had a democratically elected government, but it was overthrown by the CIA who had the puppet Shah of Iran installed, until the Iranians finally got it together to overthrow him. If you were Iranian and knew these things, would you hate America? Be honest.

  • By the way, the Bible was partly a bad copy of Hebrew and Sumerian documents, and partly a repeat of stories written by Egyptians about Osiris, all neatly tied together in 325 A.D. by Eusebius, an admitted liar, at the direction of a Roman emperor in order to control people. Please don’t conflate blind belief with faith. They have nothing to do with each other.

  • Too many people still worship Obama and think he is great. I’ve seen people on the web who talk about how they love what he is doing, and actually have the stones to say that they can’t wait until Obama gets rid of all constitution loving people and gives their money and property to his sheeple.

  • The Tea Party Patriots newsletter has an article from a doctor claiming that Obama had Andrew Breitbart and Tom Clancy murdered. I really wonder if we will be able to get him out of office. I don’t think that he is going to voluntarily give up power.

  • Leftists always give a pass to progressive/leftist politicians and leftist nut cases. They always blame conservatives even when the demonrats are in control.

  • we have enough against him to impeach him … there’s just not enough “true” Americans in office to do so!!! Apparently all of the balls have rolled out of our Congress and Senate(so to speak)!

  • I truly believe he is a Radical Muslim and needs to be eradicated like the rest of them

  • ww3 was assured before ww2 ended, this planet needs a population reduction of about 2 billion and quickly and by any means necessary.

  • Are you aware that the CPUSA sued the Democratic Party for (1) stealing their agenda, (2)changing its name to ‘progressive’ and (3) claiming it as their own. Sadly, the last time that I checked, they still had not ‘heard’ the case … AND … as the Crow and Obama fly, they probably will just ‘lose it’!!! However, I do feel that the CPUSA placed the “Correct Name” upon the Democratic Party. Personally, I wouldn’t think that they’d stoop quite that low.

  • Herein lies a problem, Mike. “We the Sheeple” must first seek His face, admit our sins and then ask for His forgiveness. Then … and only then, can He return us to our’once proud position’. Remember, Obama declared that America was no longer a Christian Nation … the Church(as a whole) said not a word and WE, the Professing Christians, failed Him by not making “Lawful Assemblies” and declare who we were/are and who He was/is. At 72, I have tried numbers of times to organize people and churches to speak out, but to no avail.

  • Herein lies a problem, Mike. “We the Sheeple” must first seek His face, admit our sins and then ask for His forgiveness. Then … and only then, can He return us to our’once proud position’. Remember, Obama declared that America was no longer a Christian Nation … the Church(as a whole) said not a word and WE, the Professing Christians, failed Him by not making “Lawful Assemblies” and declare who we were/are and who He was/is. At 72, I have tried numbers of times to organize people and churches to speak out, but to no avail.

  • 18 months? Why do people even talk about “after the next 18 months?”
    Q. Say we get through the 18 months.

    Then what?

    All of Obama’s people will still be in charge of all US agencies.
    What Obama has changed will no longer have any structure with which to turn back.
    Cutting edge military R&D has been cut back since Obama’s first inauguration. Our defenses really are down, China and a slew of apocalyptic Islamic nations are not our friends. Delivering suicide nukes or dirty bombs is not a problem

    We already know that all of Obama’s agencies can terrorize/blackmail any and all elected representatives so as to allow Obama’s pro-jihadist pro-fascist out look to trump the losing of American military lives,
    In 18 months will elected representatives vote any differently than today under Obama?

    If amajority of Republicans wont stand against Obama’s treachery now why will they do it in 18 months?

    Obama says he is not leaving D.C. – so after the election why will he not continue his Chicago thuggery and pressure on Congress and Senate which has already worked so well on the Speaker of the House, the SCOTUS and even the DOJ’s far left lackeys..

    What politicians will fire any of Obama’s black appointees? If they fire Obama’s appointees will they not be labeled Racist or Homophobic by Obama’s “Owned Media”. What politicians will suddenly fire Obama’s Islamic appointees? So many of whom are already known to have been affiliated with Terrorist support organizations.
    And by November 2016 how many more millions of illegals will have entered and will be able to vote because Obama’s Supreme court last week said Voter ID is illegal?

    America is like the USS Titanic deliberately fatally steered into World Government slavery by mendacious Captain Obama who is prepared to sneak off at any time in his own lifeboat while the passengers on the slopping deck sing “Let’s just make it through the next 18 months”.

    Pass it around.

  • Very well said! When you really look at who’s responsible for this mess, it all flows back to those ignorant, brain dead voters who fell hook line and sinker for the politically correct, “first black president” propaganda! These people truly are idiots of the first order. They’re utterly ignorant. They haven’t got a CLUE about anything. These are the participants on the Who’s Smarter than a 5th Grader show! And they’re lazy. Really, really lazy. Too lazy in fact to get off their asses and learn a few facts about the African dictator they stupidly elected – TWICE. Like, he’s a muslim. He lies. He used fake ID to get the job. He’s a racist. He’s a narcissist. (Full of himself) He’s arrogant. He’s ignorant. AND HE’S NOT AN AMERICAN!!! HE’S YOUR ENEMY!!! Hell, I’m not even in the US. I’m in Canada. But even here I can see he’s your enemy!! The US is a great country, and it pisses me off to no end to see a country I admire the most in the world be wrecked by a stupid, leftist, ignorant electorate!!!

  • Such people seriously need therapy. There’s not much hope for them. Left unchecked, they WILL sink your ship with their ignorance. Oh boy. Are they ever ignorant!!! It’s scary, they’re so ignorant. But – hey – they have the vote!! Anyone for voter’s licenses? Imagine being allowed to fly a plane without a pilot’s license!

  • The shocking thing here is that ignorant US voters elected this prick. No. He really is a prick, in every sense of the word. So many American voters fell for the “first black president” propaganda!

  • My fear is you won’t make it. This prick has set the stage for nuclear war, starting in the middle east. The Iran nuclear deal. (If you like your Nuke you can keep your Nuke!) With a nuclear war at hand, he has the excuse he needs to extend to a third term. Remember WW2? Roosevelt? That’s been Obama’s plan all along, and if millions have to die to give this bastard a third term, oh well. Collateral damage. What a F%%&&$$$ narcissist!

  • Most of these comments are just baloney. If misinformation was worth money, you folks would be set for life. The big money interests running the Republican Party are screwing us at every turn yet many of you are so lathered up about Obama you can’t see what’s right in front of your face. They scream small government and cut the rich guy’s and corporate taxes while the rest of us get stuck with the bill. Then they moan that we have no money so we should trash social security and Medicare. Your boy Jeb bush and others say we all need to work harder and work longer before we retire. But as long as they keep you all lathered up about immigrants and food stamps and homos, that’s all you can see. Calling Obama a Muslim and moaning about the constitution will fix none of this. You might want to start paying attention to who is really screwing us before it’s too late.

  • Isn’t that the truth!! No matter how badly Hussein Obama f*****’s it up, it’s STILL George’s fault! And people fall for that!! The problem here is a depraved electorate.

  • Yes. People have been softened up to be afraid of anything black for fear of being accused of being a ‘racist’. Me? Anyone trying that with me, I immediately charge them with slander. Any idea how hard it is in court to actually PROVE someone is a racist. Try it some time. Anyone accusing you of being a racist – throw it right back in their smug faces. Accuse them of “uttering slander”. They wilt. Not used to having it tossed back at them!

  • I am just AMAZED that this prick is still this side of ground level! I don’t understand it. By any account this bastard should be at -6. Feet, that is.

  • What an ugly SOB Hussein Obama is. Handsome? Give me a break. More like vomit. And he’s the most arrogant, narcissistic, self-centered tyrant of a president I’ve ever seen.

  • Why has there been so much hesitation to deploy Faraday protection? Beyond a certain date, ALL electronics SHOULD have included Faraday EMP protection.

  • Why is it I always see and hear about all the crap Obama has done, when the Republicans have done NOTHING to stop him? We are all being led down the path to destruction by BOTH parties! There are no true conservatives in government any more. From my perspective, they are all greedy, corrupt, scumbags and there should have never been “professional politicians” elected in the first place!

  • Ahh – ahh – uh ! Little Queenie its time for the Guillotine – E I will be happy when I dont have to listen to his caramel coated voice say = THE – FOLKS. Look at this shinny – shinny thing isnt it beautiful. Watch this while I do this over here. What?? No – no look at the shiny – shiny thing. I didnt think the masses were that gullible but it appears give them a light and they will follow it anywhere.I think it more sane to be called racist and leave the rest of them to figure it out. If this administration is allowed to continue unabaded we will see New York glow in the dark within the next 2 years.I do beleive that the white politician is a sheltered breed that were never around the black element. They are truly afraid of the color black golly and gee – whiz watch it buddy is norm but it would get me to laugh. I grew up in ground zero Los Angeles and have seen it all.

  • I think that part of our mistake is placing the blame on the Democratic Party. I have been doing forensic research for almost eight years and have discover that the real problem lies in the fact that the “Progressive” party began invading the Dem Party in the early 60’s. These are largely people from organizations like Democratic Socialists of America which had nothing to do with the Democratic Party to begin with.

  • From the research that I’ve done the “Progressive Party’s Agenda has ALWAYS been to “change” our government from the inside, including the Constitution. That is also why the old “Blue Dog” Dems are gone and have been replaced by the New Party Progressives who are the KIDS and GRANDKIDS of the early 60’s Progressives which included Hillary Clinton!

  • But those are the same folks who base all of their opinions about him NOT from fact or research but what they have HEARD or BEEN TOLD to believe. I don’t think that they even KNOW who or what he really is. I have found that the majority of folks are either uninformed, misinformed or poorly informed!

  • If you would like a real look into who Obama really is there are a number of books by people like myself who really wanted to know!
    I suggest you read “The Manchurian President, by Aaron Klein.” I was not able to put it down! I thought that I knew quite a bit about him until I read this book and that was in 2010. Since then I have found and read many more. The info in these types of books are not heresay or opinions but factual, documented proof of who and what he is, where he came from, who he learned from and who he associated with. You may be surprised!

  • Take a look at what Senator Ted Cruz had to say before the entire Senate and Mitch McConnell on C-Span, July 24. I think that took some major courage to say. Also take a look on YouTube @ Dr. Ben Carson who is running for President. IF you don’t know either one of these men get to know them. I think that these are NOT your traditional SCUMBAGS and what we are in desperate need of right now. But WE need to make it happen!

  • LeonS9671
    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Assassinating BO would do nothing to change what has and is happening.
    Educating oneself to the real issues means understanding that with everything that has happened with this administration especially, there are so many layers, it is so complex, so insidious and so covert that one needs a movie theater and a box of popcorn to wrap ones brain around it!

  • My experience is that if you are in a public position and you haven’t been called a racist you aren’t doing your job. I agree with what you said about white politicians and that’s a large part of the problem.

  • Well put John, and it can still be the greatest country in the world if we just get rid of all of the professional politicians in Congress and the Muslim liar out of the White House.

  • The “bullet solution” is actually a bad idea and totally ill-advised in my opinion for a few reasons: 1.) It inadvertently martyrs Obummer and galvanises people to his cause, 2.) Even if you knock him off, you have a WHOLE CABINENT that would need to be knocked off as well before you get to anybody half-way decent as president, even Boehner, the turncoat RINO, and 3.) taking him out doesn’t do away with people that think like him, like HilLiary. You’d just have to be doing the same thing all over again.

  • John,

    The problem with Faraday protocol is not the protection of electronic devices, but protection of the electric grid itself. What good will protected electronics be if there is no electric grid and/or “information grid” to run them on? This would certainly be the case in an event like an H-EMP strike.

  • Well put J. Personally, my motto towards politicians is this: politicians serve best those who serve them best. So long as there are special interests, politicians on both sides of the aisle will leverage them to their advantage and in turn, get kick-backs for it.

  • Sorgfelt,

    Just to clarify and qualify your above statements, the Bible went from Aramaic to Hebrew to Greek to Latin, following the chain of conquest of Canaan/Israel/Palestine. The experiences of the Semetic peoples in Ur/Babaylon and Egypt are where the Sumerian and Egyptian influences and stories come from. All are at best weak copies of the last. You are quite right about the effort of the Roman emperor Constantine to use the canonization of the church’s spin on the Bible (as well as the imperial legitimization of the Roman Catholic Church and the Papacy) to legitimize his control over the Roman people. However, that event in 325 A.D. (the Nicean Council) focused on only the legitimization of potential Gospels. The complete canonization of the Bible as we know it occurred at the Councils of Carthage (397 and 419 A.D., respectively) In the Modern Era, its translation into English faced lots of purposeful miscopying to suit the desires of monarchs who feared rebellion or wanted to eschew social responsibility to the people (the KJV, upon which most modern editions of the Bible are based on, is a prime example of this).

    The Koran is really no different. It too has faced copying issues with from one language to another within the different caliphates (Arabic to Persian to Assyrian and back and forth), as well as facing reiteration issues based on the desires of each caliphate.

  • Gotta agree in part with you sorgfelt. There’s a movie called Shooter that really explores the intricacies of how devious and deceptive those in government can be. There’s one scene where one character of a shadow organization says, “Nothing ever happens without the approval of the government.” I think that that is so true about politicians and heads of state, no matter what side of the aisle they come from.

  • There are many Christian groups yelling loudly. Pastor John Hagee for one. Mike Evans for another.

  • Judy,

    I agree, these two are a breath of fresh air compared to the rest. However, as much as I would ideally like to see one or both of them in a bigger role, I feel that pragmatism says otherwise. If you pay attention to the coverage about Ted Cruz’s speech, you’ll see that people are praising MITCH MCCONNELL for his rebuttal of Cruz! This is The Establishment talking and they have one message for higher-office hopefuls and their supporters: fall into the fold or get torn up! You’re right, these two are not Establishment Wasington, but I feel that, despite them being what we need, they are not what the U.S. is going to reach for.

  • i GREW UP IN lA CALIF WHEN THE WATTS RIOTS WERE SETTING THE PLACE ABLAZE?? These white colar sissys didnt have a clue as to what to do when reality broke out there windows and lit on fire there shops. All of this is Obamas administration. If I hear Reid one more time blame the Coke brothers Ill go to Washington and bitch slap him. I think now that Gitmo has been cleaned out of terrorist and they are back on there old job Obama and crue – crew should occupy Gitmo. AS ALUM & VINEGAR ARE TO THE TEETH AND GUM, SO GOES THE SOUND OF OBAMAS VOICE TO AN HONEST MANS EARS !!!!!

  • A full on nuclear exchange will give you billions of collateral deaths. Stand by for ELE…

  • Last the world suffered somebody like Obama was during the WWII Era. Hitler was his name.

  • I suspected Obama of being a foreign agent from the git go. I too wanted to know all about him and read the many books written by Dinesh D’Souza himself a third world citizen before coming to America. Obama’s history is just like Spies America sends into the communist world. Insert them quite young and move them around to build a history of being in the target nation.

    While in the military I worked with the CIA, Naval Intelligence, and American Spies in China, Russia, and North Vietnam.

    I am convinced Obama is a MUSLIM Agent weakening the nation within and without.

  • Obama needs to be arrested and placed on trial for treason.


    If WW3 is declared, and it will be, he will declare himself a 3rd term. If he does that, our country will be declared rogue by our allies placing us into a position not unlike Nazi Germany.

    Perhaps these mad health authorities and the child and family police will be treated like nazis were treated when Germany was returned to its former state.

    All of the people in the State governments are from Iraq, Pakistan, and ISIS or MS13. They are using the federal employees and military like fodder to exploit and overthrow the US government as we know it for Islamic terror.

    Hopefully the armed men protecting our military will also form a militia and demand Obama be hauled out of the White House in CHAINS!!

  • I finally got cable TV with my internet..

    We haven’t watched cable in 5 years.

    My fiancee turned on our TV and he tuned into what looked like a WW2 documentary about Nazi Germany and their victims.

    It wasn’t a TV show or documentary show.

    It was an propaganda infomercial asking for donations in the hundreds of dollars to ‘send’ Jewish people born in the former Soviet Union to Isreal by airplane.

    If this isn’t technology’s repeat of the holocaust, I don’t know what is. White and Black non Christians, and then the Christians of all races will also be the target of genocide planned by Islamic radicals.

    Our doctors thanks to ACA are all Islamic, they are all foreign, and they have power to lock up anyone they choose – our state departments are full of people who remind me of the MS13 and every mayor, politician, and many of our public civil service employees are also corrupt, or foreign, and power hungry. Mayors and ex congressman are under arrest, facing hundreds of federal charges. Not even the Italian mob in the 30’s or 40’s could compare to MS13.

    China’s stock market just crashed. Greece’s banks have collapsed. The world is in a recession that never ended and it’s been 7 years since 2008, WW3 will be the endgame.

    Our GDP will show us Q2 recession tomorrow.

    Be ready, America.

    The time for fight or flight draws ever near.

    The question is, where will we be refugees to?

  • You are right on with the healthcare.

    It is now a crime to miss a doctor appointment. If your kid won’t get up and go to the doctor, you’ll be held liable. If you go to the ER, they can lock you up and seize your assets since ACA has passed. Question treatment? Oh well, State custody solves that!

    Wait, are you saying an Islamic doctor who turns the lights off in children’s hospitals and cuts parents out of the picture sounds like a Nazi?

    Are you saying that State departments and employees of the State, City, or Country trying to frame your federal 1st responders and military or investigating them while people smoke meth next door is kosher? When people with cartel ties, a Mexican last name and middle eastern accents, bad Spanish, and Pakistani DNA who worship Islam start massacres on both Jews and Christians, who will be held liable? Obama.

    The shills they are, The Nazis were white and German. Now, the Shills are predominantly middle eastern, Islamic, and radical.

    MS13 and ISIS have a chokehold on our government thanks to Obama. If politicians who were in office during the 2008 crisis are facing hundreds of federal charges, then Obama will not be exempt from treason.

  • So are your federal 1st responders.

    Why are the people who have to protect this country forced into investigation after investigation, found dead, framed, missing, and all in the news?

    Simple. Obama, MS13, and ISIS.

  • Did you really expect any thing different coming from this administration? The ding dongs of this country wanted change and boy did we get change.

  • Congress needs to be arrested and put on trial as well as Obama and his co-horts. Congress let all the money lost, treaties made and voting to allow treason and terrorists.

  • Arresting Barry Soetoro is the ONLY thing we have,, He does not “LEGALLY” hold the Office, SO,, he can not be Impeached !!!!

  • If this imposter does start WW3, he and the rest of the self appointed elitists will be standing on the shores with a brass band to welcome our occupiers.
    Guess what though…..I think there will be a few thousands of patriots that will be standing behind them just waiting for occupiers to land. Guess who get’s the first volley ??? Admiral Isoruko Yamamoto said he did not invade the west coast “Because there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass” The same is true today…Only our firepower is more sophisticated and the people behind those weapons will be more dedicated when the SHTF on our own shores…

  • John, the Constitution back then did not rule out a third or even a fourth term. FDR was elected to that third and fourth term. The 22nd amendment declared only 2 terms for the Presidency. (Ratified 2/27/1951). Also, back then our elections were somewhat more honest than they are today. Not totally mind you, but better than todays.

  • Depending upon which party get’s the Presidency, you are probably right. That is why it is so imperative that we get a President who has this countries best interests and not his/her own. Traditionally, ALL department heads including District U.S. Attorneys and District U.S. Marshals submit their resignations to a new President. He or she can then accept or reject. We can only hope and pray that the majority of those department heads are kicked out. However, that being said, I’m sure as hell not going to hold my breath !!!

  • what “balls”? eyeballs? Balls hve absolutely nthing to do with politis. “Backbone” maybe, maybe “determination”

  • What is wrong with our Senators and Representatives that are supposed to be the CHECK on the Executive Branch of Government? They have abdicated their responsibility and let Obama make the laws rather than upholding the law and the Congress is su[pposed to be the lawmaking arm of our Government. Wussies, all of them!

  • You do realize that won’t provide tactical nuclear defense in the event of a retaliation from Tianjin China?

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