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How Not To Be A Victim When Attacked

How Not To Be A Victim When Attacked

Scary things happen in the world. Governments attack, terrorists attack, societies collapse. When that happens, you can choose to let things happen to you or you can choose to not be a victim.

So, how do you prevent being a victim? Firstly, think in advance. You know that situations can happen, and, to some extent, by considering the possibilities and how to react, you can make plans from which you can work.

Second, develop your situational awareness. Be aware of your surroundings. While you may not be able to tell that a situation is going to happen every time, many times you can have a few seconds forewarning, and they may be what you need to implement your plans.

So, having said that, take some time to think about what could happen and develop those contingency plans. Takes those big goals and break them down into smaller steps and skills that you need to learn and master and then schedule regular practice time to master those skills. You don’t want have to think about how to do the actions that you need when the time comes.

How do you develop contingency plans and skills? Tell us below.

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