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How Fort Lauderdale Shooting Could Affect You

How Fort Lauderdale Shooting Could Affect You

Unfortunately, if you haven’t already heard, we’ve had another mass shooting recently (January 6. 2017), this time at an airport in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Most people in the U.S. probably are aware of this tragic situation, but there are new details about the situation that may give you reason for concern.

For example, while the mainstream media and law enforcement keep insisting that there was only one shooter, at least one eye witness says that there were more than one shooter. Still others say that the man suspected of the shooting (and who has admitted to it) was unarmed. My point in bringing this up is that the information which most people are hearing may not be accurate.

Beyond these strange pieces of information is also the fact that the man accused of the shooting claimed that his mind was controlled by the government and that they forced him to watch videos of horrific, violent acts. In a nutshell, he is saying that the government made him do it.

Did the government make the shooter do it, and did he act alone? I have no way of knowing the answer to either of those questions as I don’t know the shooter, and I was not there (thank God). What does seem clear, though, is that this tragedy will cause airport security and screening procedures to be reevaluated.

I’ll be the first to say that these should be reevaluated, but, if history is any indication, what this will mean is more government control over airports and that security will not be any better, just more frustrating.

In other words, this tragedy will be an excuse for hassling innocent people even more. Specifically, some people are proposing that security screenings should be moved to the entrances of airports. Others, who, presumably would know about this, say that is a bad idea. Curtis Tate writes,

But the Airports Council International-North America opposes that step, arguing in its own working paper that new screening measures could create a new target for attackers at airport entrances, inconvenience passengers and stretch security.

“This may pose a new risk in that this simply moves the vulnerability while creating considerable inconvenience to passengers,” the organization wrote the U.N. body.

Frankly, what we can really know about this terrible situation is that we the people do not know (and probably never will know) why these innocent people were shot and that airport security is likely to not be any safer but will be more of a frustration for people just wanting to visit their grandmother in another part of the country.

How would you deal with this type of airport shooting, and how would you make airports safer without hassling innocent traverlers? Comment below.

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