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This Home Remedy Can Save Your Life During A Crisis

This Home Remedy Can Save Your Life During A Crisis


First aid is one of the most important elements of survival.

If your health fails, then not much else really matters.

But here’s one home remedy that can save your life during an emergency.

Survivalists often draw from traditional methods of problem-solving to deal with certain issues, which might seem strange in a modern context.

However, contemporary society has become complacent in many ways, taking things for granted.

When modern convenience isn’t available in an emergency situation, people are more likely to panic because they’ve forgotten traditional remedies.

And one traditional first-aid remedy is using sugar to heal wounds.

While the move may seem ridiculous, it actually does work.

Sugar has been used to heal wounds faster since ancient Egypt.

Sugar has received a bad rap in recent years because it’s been identified as arguably the main culprit in the explosion of weight gain in modern society.

Diets that are high in carbohydrates are harmful because the excess carbs transform into fat, which can cause rapid weight gain and other ancillary health problems.

However, sugar used externally can actually work as a salve on wounds.

Sugar has an osmotic effect, which means that water diffuses from a higher concentration to a lower concentration.

Since sugar is drawing water from the wound, it helps kill bacteria.

Dehydration is just as bad for bacteria as it is for humans.

The drier climate makes it more difficult for bacteria to multiply and spread.

Also, sugar is a non-toxic remedy, unlike antibiotics, which can be harmful if they’re taken too frequently.

Many superbugs have arisen in recent years as a result of antibiotic overuse.

Drawing out the moisture from a wound also promotes the growth of new tissue.

Simply apply the sugar to a wound as salve and keep it loosely covered.

Make sure the wound isn’t bleeding before you apply the sugar and make sure the wound is clean.

Repeat this process three or four times a day to limit the chance of infection.

The other great reason to use sugar in SHTF situations is that it’s incredibly cheap.

It’s also easy to pack in bug-out bags, camping gear, and similar preps.

Sugar also has the benefit of doubling as a short-term energy boost.

However, be careful about sugar intake.

Too much at one time not only has harmful effects, it also causes you to have a crash after the energy boost wears off.

The greater the sugar intake, the greater the crash.

One of the reasons people feel sluggish in the middle of the day is because they’re eating lunches loaded with carbs.

However, when taken in moderation and used properly as a first-aid remedy, sugar can have a positive effect.

Traditional remedies give you a much better chance of survival when SHTF.

Things aren’t going to be ideal, especially in the midst of an emergency.

So it can’t hurt to incorporate sugar into your preparation.

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