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This Technique Will Help You Hide Valuables From Looters

This Technique Will Help You Hide Valuables From Looters


Defending your home can be a very scary proposition.

You never know when someone will try to breach your sanctuary and do you harm in order to take what’s yours.

But following this principle will help you protect your family and your property from criminals.

One of the most important aspects of survivalism is known as OPSEC, i.e. operational security.

OPSEC includes a series of steps you can take in order to minimize the chance that someone will try to break into your property.

The most important aspect of OPSEC is keeping quiet.

Don’t tell people that you’re prepping, don’t brag about your stash, and don’t post pictures on social media.

All of that information can potentially come back to bite you.

A survey of ex-convicts in prison for burglary showed that 18% of them were told directly that there were valuables inside the house they burglarized.

Also, speaking carelessly about prepping could get you in trouble with the authorities especially if you have school-aged children.

If a school administrator hears that a student’s parents have several guns, an overzealous administer might get law enforcement involved and that would open up a huge can of worms.

Additionally, overreaching “red flag” laws in some states allow local police to remove firearms from a home if they get a report that someone in the house might be “dangerous.”

In keeping with this, don’t talk about how many guns you have and certainly don’t tell people where they are stashed.

If someone knows how much firepower you have and where it’s located, it will make it easier for them to intrude on your property and take your valuables.

While this may seem far-fetched, people can get desperate, particularly in a crisis.

Also, they might nonchalantly tell someone else, who might tell someone else – until eventually, the information gets to someone who wishes to do you harm.

Only share information with the most trusted people in your inner circle.

And even they don’t need to know every detail.

Someone you can truly trust would know not to ask too many probing questions.

Furthermore, it’s a great idea to hide items in plain sight.

That could mean camouflaging a bunker or shed on the outside of your property or using tactical walls on the inside.

Tactical walls are barriers with hidden compartments on the other side to store a cache of items or to disguise an entrance to a safe room or something similar.

Hiding items among multiple commonplace items such as furniture, bookshelves, and other innocuous items is a great way to be prepared if someone breaches your property suddenly.

Finally, another component of OPSEC is making your property at least appear if it’s not worth the trouble.

The same survey of ex-cons showed that many of them were far less likely to attempt robbery if a house had cameras on the exterior, lights on inside, or the television or radio playing inside.

Having a dog can also act as a deterrent.

The bottom line is don’t give anybody an extra reason to think that your home is either an easy or worthwhile target.

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