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Health Officials Are Ignoring A Deadly Consequence Of The Coronavirus

Health Officials Are Ignoring A Deadly Consequence Of The Coronavirus

Health Officials

The Wuhan virus continues to dominate the public health conversation.

However, that doesn’t mean other concerns stopped existing because of the pandemic.

And health officials are ignoring a deadly consequence of the coronavirus.

Over 170,000 Americans have died as a result of the coronavirus, although there is some concern that the numbers are not being accurately tallied.

States like Colorado and Washington revised down their numbers after not distinguishing between people who died with COVID and people who died because of COVID.

For example, people who were shot to death were being counted as COVID deaths if they had the virus at the time.

Nevertheless, far too many Americans have died at the hands of the Chinese virus, but there are other health considerations that are being ignored.

Excess deaths unrelated to the coronavirus are up significantly.

Based on five-year trends for death totals in the United States, there are 18,000 more deaths in the 25-44 age bracket through July.

According to CDC data, 8,000 Americans have died of COVID in that time period.

So that means 10,000 more people than average have died due to something other than COVID.

That is a bone-chilling number and suggests that the “cure” to the coronavirus could be worse than the disease.

Some health officials have warned that deadlier illnesses like tuberculosis aren’t being tested and treated as frequently as usual.

The National Cancer Institute estimates that delayed diagnoses due to the pandemic could result in 10,000 additional deaths from breast and colorectal cancers in the next 10 years.

Research shows that cancer diagnoses have seen a 50% drop since the outset of the American outbreak.

Dr. Ethan Cohen of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center said, “Cancer is not quarantining like we did…We are seeing less women coming in for screenings now, and it is unfortunate. We are concerned because we’re trying to avoid delayed diagnosis, and we know that the best way to survive breast cancer is to find it early when it’s treatable and the way people do that is with screening mammographies. We really want to encourage women and let women know that it is safe right now to come into MD Anderson and get their screening mammogram.”

The panic over the coronavirus has caused Americans to neglect other serious health concerns.

And that doesn’t even touch on the deaths of despair due to the country’s economic self-harm.

Media hysteria is causing so much pain and misery around the country and it’s not backed by science.

It’s time to unshackle the country so the economy can rebound and other health concerns can be properly treated.

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