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A Health Official Gave A Chilling Prediction About The Coronavirus

A Health Official Gave A Chilling Prediction About The Coronavirus


The coronavirus is picking up steam in virality.

Multiple countries across the globe have been affected in significant ways.

And one health official just gave a chilling prediction about the coronavirus.

Dr. Richard Hatchett, one of the doctors leading the efforts to develop a vaccine for the virus, made a disturbing assessment of the pandemic.

Hatchett told Channel 4 in the UK that the coronavirus was “the most frightening disease I’ve ever encountered.”

That’s a bold statement from a renowned doctor who’s acted in an advisory role for the Bush and Obama administrations.

Hatchett also said the coronavirus could affect 60-70% of the globe – similar to the prediction made by a professor of epidemiology at Harvard.

First originating in Wuhan, China sometime in November 2019, the coronavirus has now spread across the globe with over 110,000 confirmed cases and nearly 4,000 deaths.

Several countries are resorting to extreme measures.

Italy followed China’s suit and quarantined a sizable chunk of its population.

Meanwhile, citizen journalists in China report on a “zombie apocalypse” feel with teams in hazmat suits going into cities to literally weld people inside buildings to ensure quarantine.

Dr. Hatchett believes he will be able to develop a coronavirus vaccine within 12-18 months, but there’s no telling what the body count could be in the meantime.

There’s still very much unknown about its mortality rate of the virus and certain countries have been reluctant to disclose details to world health officials.

The Chinese doctor who first blew the whistle on the outbreak was censored by the communist government and forced to sign a statement retracting his initial declaration.

Not long after, he himself died from the virus.

But the biggest mystery remains just where the virus actually originated. The official story is that it came from bat soup at a seafood market in Wuhan.

However, right across the street from the market is the Wuhan Institute of Virology—China’s only level-four biohazard lab.

And there had been a recent job listing for a research position there on studying bats as carriers for deadly diseases.

Supposedly bats can carry all kinds of dangerous diseases without exhibiting symptoms, which is why the coronavirus is particularly scary.

With the incubation period anywhere between three and 24 days, people who are asymptomatic can spread the illness without exhibiting any symptoms.

Music festivals, sporting events, and other public gatherings have been canceled or postponed as a result, and global markets have gone in the tank with supply chains being adversely affected.

Now is the time when all your survivalist preparation will pay off.

So get ahead of the rush and begin collecting supplies like water and toilet paper just in case.

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