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Has Your State Issued Instructions On How To Not Get Shot By Police?

Has Your State Issued Instructions On How To Not Get Shot By Police?

It would seem to be an absurdity that any government would need to issue instructions to its constituents on how to keep from getting shot by the police. I mean, isn’t it the job of police officers to be “peace officers” or are they now simply “law enforcement officers” without any emphasis on peace?

Well, in at least one state, the issue is, apparently, so bad that the state government has had to issue this type of instruction. What state? Arizona. Rachel Blevins writes about this bizarre situation,

Driver’s manuals in Arizona will now include a section detailing “how not to get shot by police” during traffic stops, which is specifically aimed at armed drivers in the wake of the shooting that killed Philando Castile.

Democratic State Rep. Reginald Bolding told the Arizona Daily Star that he pushed for a rewrite of the state’s driver’s manual as a way to help educate drivers—especially those who are black and Hispanic, because he said records have shown that they are more likely to become victims of police shootings.

“When you look at what’s taken place across the country, you have seen a majority of individuals who are people of color that have had higher incidence of interactions with law-enforcement officers, particularly in shootings,” Bolding said. “Hopefully we can get to a place where that’s not the reality.”

While other states, including Tennessee, Virginia, and Illinois, have mandated that driver education courses teach people how to act during a traffic stop, Arizona may be the only one specifically dealing with how not to get shot.

I’m not going to try to minimize the danger that police officers perceive themselves to be in (and, in some places like “gun control paradise” Chicago, their concerns are well-founded), but it’s ridiculous that law abiding citizens should fear for their lives when they get pulled over for whatever revenue generation scheme… er… traffic violation that a police officer decides is worth snagging a person for.

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Why is it the burden of citizens to ensure that they are safe from the threat of physical violence from government officials who (supposedly) work for us? Why do law-abiding citizens have to fear anytime that a police officer is near them? It’s simply ridiculous.

It’s just another example of how police (and government as a whole) no longer work for us but work for those who want to control us all.

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  • “Why is it the burden of citizens to ensure that they are safe from the threat of physical violence from government officials who (supposedly) work for us? Why do law-abiding citizens have to fear anytime that a police officer is near them? It’s simply ridiculous.”

    The answer is simply this POOR TRAINING of officers by the state instead of teaching them they are in a CIVILIAN law enforcement capacity where they must respect the rights of the people they are taught as if they are in a war zone where the people are enemy combatants justifying a lethal response to the slightest possible threat.

    For example the elderly woman who called the police to pick up the CAR THIEF that she was HOLDING AT GUNPOINT the responding officer IGNORING that she was the one who called and without even getting close enough for her to see or hear him shot her for not dropping the gun (thus possibly allowing the detained thief the opportunity to flee) the instant he ordered her to do so even when he was at a distance to far from her for even someone with good hearing to tell what was said much less an elderly person with possible hearing problems.

  • Agreed, in some towns this may be true. But then there are those citizens who are stopped by an officer for minor things; for example, the officer who stopped a car to tell the driver some of his lights were burnt out/not working. The officer got his face and head shot off for his trouble, resulting in his death. This isn’t the only incident where an officer lost his life by being shot in the face out the car window by a driver. There are too many.

  • right terry butts. i am pro police and stand up for them but like all other entities, they still have to be monitored themselves as they are human and have issues there. i cannot believe i had my first nasty experience with a cop yesterday. a woman hit me in my car in the back. my son was with me. large area where it happened. we both are older , but neither my son nor i could figure out how she ended up with a huge indention in the rear side panel of her car. i had not damage cause i still say we didn’t hit anyone. it was weird. under investigation. but the cop that came out was so nasty to me and my autistic son. he talked to us like we were prisoners of the nazis. we were told to shut our mouths and not speak unless asked to speak. the other woman, they knew and treated her like gold. she let it out under her breath earlier that this was number two accident like this for her. but i was scared for the safety of my older autistic son there. he is a big fellow but like a gentle bear. still under investigation but feel quite sure this woman has done this before or she was hit in the side before she ever came around us. point is how scared i was of the cop because of his behavior. no one was rude or out of hand but i had to get permission to take even one step forward or backwards, so i put my son in the car and had him stay inside so he wouldn’t get hurt. i have to say i was afraid of this guy. he was just made chief of police i was told and i guess the authority went to his head but all policemen and women should be mentally screened as well as physically to make sure they are capable of the job. too many carry hostility and anger with them and this is not the job to do so. where i lived before for many years, i never had a police officer talk to me the way this one what i had to say didn’t count. still under investigation . felt like this whole thing was a redneck circus. will be moving from here in due time

  • Terry, sir, I beg to differ. Poor training can be a cause surely but the majority of this problem is lain at the feet of all us voters. We continue placing the same people in office year in and out. Local level politics to the highest in our nation, until we VOTE THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE, they will not heed our voice nor our will. There will be more and more horror stories about interaction with LEOs until they are put in their rightful place again and that place is to protect and serve. Where are the LEOs when you need one fast? Many are either sitting hidden waiting for some cash cow to speed or locating the nearest doughnut shop. A more worthless entity is hard to find. I used to say LEOs were a necessary evil but that is no longer true, they have evolved into just evil without any necessity.

  • I agree the people that keep getting voted into office does play a part in this as they are the ones that have slowly changed the Police from an agency there to protect and serve the people to one that is more concerned with gaining income for the city through fines and tickets. Far to many of them do not even understand they have the legal authority to arrest even a members of government if they committed a crime.

    In one case after the GOVERNOR of one state who signed the seat-belt law into effect was stopped not wearing it instead of automatically giving him the ticket for breaking that law they actually had to call a supervisor and ASK if they could give him the ticket as if anyone was exempt from the law because of the job they hold.

  • Unfortunately this does happen in most of the cases the “CITIZEN” turned out to be a criminal that panicked because they thought they had been caught or they were afraid that if their ID (if they had one) was ran by the officer it would reveal they were wanted for some other crime.

    There are precautions that can be taken by officers that fall between acting like they are in a war zone and carelessly approaching a vehicle that should be what is being taught to them as it used to be.

    There also needs to be something done with the CRIMINALS spouting off wanting officers killed masquerading as protesters they openly violated the law when they call for people to commit murder based on someones occupation or political beliefs regardless of their excuse they should be prosecuted under those laws they violated when calling for such crimes to be committed.

  • Stop lumping them all into one basket please. Many of them are still there own person and will not be bought by any means.

  • THE BEST way to not get shot by the police is to cooperate with them, not just on the street when they stop you, but also in a court room. Try it whether you’re black or white, whether the cop is black or white, or WHATEVER the demographics of either. I’ll about bet money you won’t get shot. Mike Kevitt

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