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Hair Salon Owner Was Arrested For One Shocking Reason

Hair Salon Owner Was Arrested For One Shocking Reason

Shelley Luther

The Wuhan virus has caused jaw-dropping lockdowns across America.

Millions of citizens are long past the point of being restless.

And one hair salon owner was arrested for this shocking reason.

The United States is almost two months into an unprecedented shutdown of the American economy.

The result has been 30 million people unemployed and trillions of dollars sucked out of the nation.

The country cannot go on at this pace.

The American people were willing to go along with the plan to ensure that hospitals weren’t overwhelmed with patients, but that fear is long gone.

Hospitals didn’t even get close to being overrun like they did in parts of Italy. In fact, hospitals are facing economic hardship because other medical services and elective surgeries are not taking place.

And more data is trickling in about how the lockdown strategy may not have been the most effective, but big media has been quick to censor any information that goes against the big-government narrative.

Meanwhile, “nonessential” workers are feeling the pinch from the shutdown and are anxious to resume their lives.

Because of this, one hair salon owner decided to reopen her shop – while being sure to maintain all safety precautions.

For this reason, she was arrested.

Shelley Luther of Dallas, Texas, was hit with a $7,000 fine and sentenced to one week in jail for opening her business in advance of local officials easing lockdown orders.

But the most disturbing element of Luther’s case was that she was dragged before a judge and scolded for her actions. The judge called Luther “selfish” and said she had to apologize if she wanted to avoid jail time.

Judge Eric Moye said, “You owe an apology to the elected officials whom you disrespected by flagrantly ignoring and, in one case, defiling, their orders, which you now know obviously applied to you.”

But instead of admitting her crimes, Luther made an amazing statement – that landed her in jail.

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“I have to disagree with you, sir, when you say that I am selfish because feeding my kids is not selfish…I have hair stylists that are going hungry because they’d rather feed their kids. So sir, if you think the law is more important than kids being fed, then please go ahead with your decision. But I’m not going to shut the salon.”

While Luther was hauled off to jail, convicted felons are getting released.

This upside-down policy exposes the nature of how ridiculous – not to mention dangerous – leftism is as a philosophy.

Thankfully, Luther received a groundswell of support – even Senator Ted Cruz came to Luther’s shop to get his hair styled – and a GoFundMe account was able to raise $500,000 to take care of her legal fees.

Luther says she plans to donate some of the money to other salon owners in Laredo, Texas who were jailed for the same reason.

If these draconian lockdowns continue, there will be many more Shelley Luthers local officials will have to answer to.

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