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Guns In Your Bug Out Bag? Here Are Things To Consider

Guns In Your Bug Out Bag? Here Are Things To Consider

It’s no surprise that many survivalists and preppers are gun enthusiasts. Whether or not someone in these groups is distrustful of the government (many of us are), the sheer practicality of having a firearm for self-defense and for hunting makes it a practical item to have around and to be comfortable with. But, even with obvious benefits to having a firearm with you in a disaster situation, you still would be prudent to have taken everything into consideration before packing a gun and ammo into your bug out bag.

One factor to consider is how much weight you can carry, especially if you have to carry it very long. Think about it for a moment: You may be able to (relatively) comfortably carry fifty pounds for a few minutes, but, if you have to hike to your bug out location, can you carry fifty pounds for a half-hour hike back through some woods? Or maybe up a mountain trail? You see, weight tends to “magnify” the longer that we carry something. So, you need to consider the extra weight of both your firearm and ammo that you will be carrying. It could make your bug out bag’s weight impractical for you. As John Boch puts it:

The biggest mistake people make in crafting their packs is over-estimating their load-carrying ability.

For most of us, our 18th birthday is nothing but a speck in the rear-view mirror. Our clothes have inexplicably shrunk in the laundry. We may have picked up ailments or disabilities along the way that we have to contend with. Carrying sixty or eighty pounds on a five mile hike over even ideal terrain just isn’t in the cards.

When in the field, remember that ounces feel like pounds, and pounds equal pain.

Carrying a gun and ammunition in a pack will quickly add a lot of pain to a hike, especially for those in poor physical shape. What’s more, the handgun you’ll want to have probably should be concealed about your person so it can be readily deployed if needed. Don’t bury your gat under your Goretex and other gear.

As for extra ammunition? Like food and water, ammo weights a lot. Unless you expect to have to fight your way through Little Mogadishu on your way home, a sidearm and a reload or two will probably suffice for 99.99% of likely contingencies.

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Also, consider the kind of firearm that you will carry. If it’s a small weapon, you can put it in your bag or carry concealed. But, if you bug out with a rifle or shotgun, you may attract attention. And attention is not something that you want when you are trying to disappear.

So, with those considerations in mind, what weapon do you plan on having on hand with your bug out bag? Tell us below.



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  • The reason to carry is for the majority self-defense. a question I seldom see addressed as the self-confidence they give. confidence misunderstood can get you killed. first and foremost in a bug out event becomes the choices that must be made and how quickly. if your goal is to get home first and you carry a pack the people unprepared it becomes their answer to survive. the best gun is one you never have occasion to use. having a gun without the skill to use it can become the tool that kills you. it is the choices you make that will determine if your planning is a success. with each event, it will be evident that no two are alike. the choices made will determine how quickly you will get to your destination. most will find themselves at work. and the goal is to get home safely. items that can be carried without detection and items that will allow you to move quickly without drawing attention to yourself will increase your chances. will you need a gun? Time is both your friend and enemy.the confusion that most will experience at the beginning the people that can move quickly and travel the farthest to the decided goal will have the best chance. knowing how fast you can walk to your goal is as much a part of your BOB as a gun would be. again not using a gun is best. when all power goes away it will be quiet. a gunshot will draw attention and will be heard for a long way off. they will know you have a gun and many will want it for it provides the “shortcut” to survival. true or not firing a gun draws attention unwanted. Well, these reasons are my own personal thoughts formulated from the short training I received in my defense training while in the Navy. take it for what it’s worth because to prepare is better than not. the longer and more complete you prepare the better your chances. in the end, it is yourself who must choose if a gun is a necessity. if you choose to have one be sure you are able to use it and pray you never need to. choose well and survive.

  • A handgun is perfect for concealment and CQB. However, circumstances will arise where you’ll wish that handgun round had more distance.

    The answer is something that can project that same handgun gun round further down range. The answer for me was the ASR in the .45 caliber carbine.

    Last time I checked, the Aero Survival Rifle (ASR) came in 3 calibers; 9mm, .40, and .45 cap. You don’t have to buy the ASR only! Just understand the need to shoot a similar round in both weapons.

  • Keep in mind WHY you are being “Forced” to Bug Out in the first place. Something horrible & terrible must have occurred (i.e. Nuclear, Foreign Invaders/ Attack, Civil Unrest risking life, etc). In such an event, ask yourself what items are of utmost value, don’t count money because money will most likely be worthless. There will be a run on Banks, Grocery Stores, Gas Stations and possibly Gun Stores. When all of the forehand mentioned items are gone, such things as Food, Water, Ammo and moods of transportation. Lets not forget, all of the Nut-Jobs, Crazies, Killers, Gangs and other Bad People will be out looking to steal, murder and take anything and everything they want, especially things you have. The item of extreme importance to this group of Thugs and degenerates is “Women”. Women will become a important commodity, whereas is you have a wife, daughters or even friends that may Bug-Out with you, if women are involved, especially if they are extremely attractive, you WILL be a targeted to the worst people you can imagine you will come across in your travels.
    When you run out of food, water or needed medical supplies, your only choice will be to steal it and maybe kill for it. But don’t forget, everyone else that needs those same items will also be looking to steal your stuff and kill you if necessary or maybe just for the hell of it. The creeps and thugs will likely gather in groups and be heavily armed, so avoiding them is possibly your best best, but road blocks and traps could be set that you will not be aware of until you’re in the middle of it. So that goes back to what will you fight back with, or at least make them think you are fully capable of putting up a fight and hoping they might leave you alone and look for easier prey. Taking a handgun and a couple mags or speed loaders going to be enough, very doubtful.
    If you have several people in your group, men, women, kids, lets the kids and women carry the food & water. Make sure the women disguise their female attributes as good as possible and you and a couple of the men carry the firearms and ammo. If you are alone, you can hide better, but IF discovered, you will also be an easier target. Your best defense is to form protective groups, but being very skeptical of those you meet on the run would be very advisable. At some point, if you survive to find a safer location, others will have also found the same location. This can be good, but again, hungry people will do anything necessary to rob you of what you have if you become too trusting of any stranger, even those that were good honest hard working people, especially if they have wives and children or especially young females in their party.
    Overall your chances of surviving a major nationwide disaster are probably very slim, because Most people will have some form of anchor around their neck (i.e. an elderly person, young people/ children, people on medications or women/girls that just aren’t in good enough shape to carry their own weight due to a number of reasons). This will slow you down and your group will draw the attention of everyone that sees you, even if its through a pair of binoculars or a rifle scope. If you appear to have food, water, guns or attractive females, you WILL be targeted, with any men or older boys being the targets first so the perpetrators can take your supplies and your females, either to be used for their own purposes or possibly as items to trade for things needed more along their route of destination.
    If you are lucky enough to reach your chosen destination, forming groups to protect the perimeter, guard the food, distribute supplies and medicine and most to keep the dangerous thugs out, with the best locations being somewhere where future food and supplies can be gathered or grown for the future, regardless how long or if forever after an emergency bug-out.

    Just some cold hard facts to ponder! As for myself, I have a wife, three daughters and three son-in-laws and currently five grandkids, so with my situation being atypical, several guns and plenty of ammo will be on my list. If we should cross the path of anyone that even appears like a potential threat, we will take them out immediately, because we will not take any unnecessary chances with our loved ones. We move as a group, protect our families or die together. No One get taken without one hell of a fight! In this type of situation, there will be NO LAWS, only self preservation and the desire to stay alive.

  • Can I respectfully ask you guys a genuine question? Where do we run to if SHTF? Where do we hide if invaded, if nuked, if the government goes rogue to the point of hunting down all registered gun owners? I prepped for an emergency like a Tornado, Storm, EMP, Food, batteries, radio, gear etc but if I’m being hunted by some Warring Country or Genocidal Government i’m lost. The military can track with things that didnt exist in the last war. They have developed stuff that would blow your mind. My sister told her husband to be prepared to put a bullet in her head…i guess that’s the answer…

  • It is all a fairly simple answer…hide in plain sight. Don’t do anything to set off alarm bells…act stupid. No body will bother the stupid and if they do you are well prepared. Don’t be obvious…don’t look as if you are prepared for trouble…look as if trouble just passes you by because even trouble does not want to waste its time with you. Pretend to be as clueless as you possibly can. People who are clueless do not have much to offer anyone. You can try drooling…some will think you have ebola or something. In other words learn how not to paint a target on your head.









  • i have a heavy duty suit caes carrier on wheels. i carry my ruger 10/22 break down rifle and about 500 round of cci segmenting stingers. 1,460 ft/sec. it’s in its own back pack. if i need to bug out, i have the pack on my back and water and 2 5 gallon drums. those go on the carrier. big ass wheels i have alraedy done a dry run. if i have to climb, then i tie rope around the carrier and drag it with me up the mountain. i have a place, no one knows about. it has a cave and runing srring with wild trout. lots of quail and dove. spent a week and it was tough , but i had rabbit and quail. fish where good , not very big. plus i carry in my back side, my Glock 19. with 100 rounds of Federal HST hollow points and 95 grain fmj, for deer.i can drive my all wheel drive up on bolders no road, no problem.

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