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Your Gun Rights Are About To Be Under Serious Threat

Your Gun Rights Are About To Be Under Serious Threat

Gun Rights

Liberals are always looking for an opportunity to push gun control.

Regardless of what they say, they won’t stop until they get it.

And now your gun rights are about to be under serious threat.

The recent heinous mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton are being politicized by liberals.

They didn’t waste any time condemning people who believe in the Second Amendment.

Presidential candidate Kamala Harris even used the shootings to fundraise for her campaign.

The consequence of this political cynicism and posturing is strong pushes for more gun control.

The left has already called for “common sense” gun legislation, but they can never articulate it.

For example, they call for things like universal background checks.

Anyone who buys a gun from an authorized firearms dealer must go through a background check, but there’s no way to trace private sales between two individuals.

And then there’s the obvious point that an evil mass shooter is not going to follow the law.

Liberals will counter with the point that they’re limiting “access,” but statistics show heavy regulation and mandatory buybacks haven’t reduced gun crime.

And this points to the bigger issue – these liberal policies make people more unsafe.

Violent crime goes up when the population is disarmed.

This makes it harder for you to defend yourself.

The United Kingdom, despite its strict gun control, is in the midst of a knife attack epidemic.

Not long ago, London surpassed New York City in murder rates.

The violent crime rate in London has increased by over 50% since 2010.

Taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens only emboldens criminals, and the same thing will happen in the United States.

The left’s goal has always been confiscation, and they’re willing to get their piecemeal.

That’s why it may not be a bad idea to stock up on ammunition.

You can expect possible crackdowns on ammo purchases, which has already begun in places like California.

Magazine restrictions are also a run around the Second Amendment that gun control advocates are pushing for.

And although a federal judge in California did decertify a law allowing for magazine restrictions (and cited an incident where someone defending their home from intruders ran out of bullets), these pushes will only get more forceful.

It’s getting harder and harder to defend yourself, and the left’s rhetoric is sowing discord.

Thus, it’s important to be prepared for civil unrest – which can lead to violence like seen in Ferguson, Baltimore, Dallas, Milwaukee and other cities.

If riots break out in your area, hunkering down is your best option to avoid any violent confrontation.

Meanwhile, take the necessary steps to protect your home from anyone who may wish to do you harm.

A good way to combat the gun control activists is to stand up to their authoritarian rhetoric by spreading the true data on gun statistics.

The more people know the truth, the harder it is for liberals to trample all over the Second Amendment.

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