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Gun Rights Took A Huge Hit After One Bad Decision

Gun Rights Took A Huge Hit After One Bad Decision

Gun Rights

Gun control zealots are getting bolder.

Across the country, gun-grabbers have been pushing laws to curtail the Second Amendment.

And gun rights took a huge hit after one bad decision.

Wyoming is one of the best states in the union when it comes to gun rights, largely because of its permitless carry policy.

But the Wyoming state senate just shot down a bill to repeal “gun-free zones” in the state.

This means law-abiding citizens still will not be able to carry in spaces like college campuses.

Gun-free zones have overwhelmingly been the targets of mass shooters because they know they will face a lot less resistance.

Designating an area a gun-free zone doesn’t make it safer in the least.

Anyone who intends to do harm isn’t going to abide by such a law.

The bill to repeal gun-free zones was shot down by a vote of 16-13-1.

The most troubling aspect of the vote is that 10 Republicans voted against the bill much to the dismay of the many pro-gun rights citizens in the state.

The gun rights group Wyoming Gun Owners was obviously upset about the disappointing decision and said, “Wyoming has a massive problem with RINO Republicans who campaign as being pro-gun every two or four years, only to stab gun owners in the back once safely in office.”

RINOs stabbing constituents in the back is a problem that isn’t unique to Wyoming.

Wyoming Gun Owners said they were planning to “expose these two-face frauds” and is “looking forward to exposing many more of these moderates in 2020 and beyond.”

RINOs like the ones who voted against the bill are precisely why gun control activists have slowly been able to make progress on tamping down gun rights.

When a gun-friendly state like Wyoming is having troubling passing slam dunk legislation, states like California and New York are hopeless.

California is using its Democratic super majority in the state legislature to chip away at gun rights from many angles.

“Red flag” laws are being expanded and ammunition sales are being limited, among several other regulations.

The problem is only going to get worse unless believers in the Second Amendment step up and make their voices heard.

Expansive gun control measures were recently shot down in Virginia because gun owners in the state stood against the leftist mob.

Over 90% of counties in the state designated themselves sanctuary gun counties, and massive pro-gun political events showed what little support the gun control measures had.

The Virginia Democrats were thwarted, but that doesn’t mean they’ll stop trying.

The left never sleeps.

They will keep pushing for their inane and ineffective policies.

It’s incumbent on gun owners to stop them and vote them out of office.

In Wyoming, that’s precisely what could happen if the state Republicans don’t live up to their campaign promises.

Gun-free zones are a terrible idea and need to be disposed of quickly.

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