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Gun Owners Are Concerned Over One Stunning Development

Gun Owners Are Concerned Over One Stunning Development

Gun Owners

Joe Biden is on track to be inaugurated in one month.

That’s bad news for Second Amendment advocates across the country.

Now gun owners are concerned over one stunning development.

A Joe Biden and Kamala Harris administration would arguably be the most anti-gun administration in presidential history.

Biden boasts about going after gun manufacturers and Harris said she’d confiscate semi-automatic rifles by executive order within 100 days if she were president.

During the campaign, Biden tapped unhinged anti-gun crusader Beto O’Rourke to spearhead his gun control agenda.

With two rabid gun-grabbers on the cusp of assuming power, gun owners are concerned about the serious ammunition shortage that’s currently afoot.

The difficulty of securing ammo led Jason Vanderbrink, Vista Outdoors’ president of ammunition, to address the issue and quell concerns.

Vanderbrink said:

“Seven million new shooters since March, times two boxes [50 rounds per box], which is a conservative estimate, is 700 million new rounds of ammunition our factories have to help produce…That is impossible to do in nine months.”

“So tie all of that in together and you will see we are indeed making ammunition. We, indeed, are shipping ammunition. We’re not storing it in secret warehouses…All of this ammo is sitting here, waiting to be packed up so it can hit the retail shelves.”

Due to fears over the Wuhan virus and the prolonged riots during the spring and summer, gun sales for 2020 are 33% over 2019 – which was also a record year for gun sales.

Out of the roughly 17 million guns that were purchased in 2020, 40% were made by first-time buyers – and 40% of those first-time buyers were women.

While this is terrific news, it shouldn’t be a surprise.

Several politicians across the country have put their constituents at risk with terrible policies.

They’ve called for police departments to be defunded, yet have prosecuted and harassed people who have defended themselves in good faith.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey in St. Louis were railroaded for brandishing weapons to defend their own property after an angry mob broke down the gate to their private community.

Some radical leftists even believe that calling the police is a form of “privilege.”

Others have argued that looting was simply a form of reparations.

Politicians have cracked down on citizens going to parks and churches for violating COVID edicts, but have let prisoners out of jail in attempt to mitigate COVID from spreading within correctional facilities.

If the Democrats under a Biden-Harris administration implement their so-called “public safety” initiatives, demand for guns and ammo will only increase.

And with several progressive cities already seeing alarming spikes in violent crimes after slashing police budgets, new gun owners aren’t going to suddenly forego their rights to bear arms and defend themselves that easily.

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