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Gun Grabbers Just Got One Rude Awakening

Gun Grabbers Just Got One Rude Awakening


Gun rights remain under constant threat from the left.

They admittedly won’t stop until they’re able to confiscate all guns.

But gun grabbers just got one rude awakening.

The murder of Minneapolis citizen George Floyd sparked protests across the country that have tragically devolved into rioting and looting in major cities.

Video and arrest records show that members of far-left terrorist group Antifa are responsible for inciting the violence.

Unsurprisingly, the so-called mainstream media have shirked their responsibilities and are encouraging the rioting, if not outright condoning it. Meanwhile, police in some cities have been ordered to stand down and let protesters run amok.

For these reasons, many citizens are getting serious about their self-defense and buying guns – a nightmare scenario for the gun-grabbers.

A spike in gun sales was first related to the Wuhan virus and the policy decision in many jurisdictions to release criminals from jail, but gun sales are spiking again in light of the violent protests occurring across the country.

This is an example of the proverbial liberal mugged by reality.

According to FBI background checks, 40% of gun purchases are first-time buyers, and 40% of those buyers are women.

In the past, leftists have suggested that women should carry rape whistles or urinate on their attackers, but now they’re smartly arming themselves.

In fact, gun stores are running out of merchandise because demand has outpaced supply.

In Long Island, gun shop owner Andy Chernoff says, “We started out this week with a fair amount of merchandise. We’re running out. Literally running out…Never thought I’d say that.”

Another shop owner in Long Island, Jimmy Gong, echoed Chernoff’s sentiments adding, “Now I see a lot of minorities buying guns to try to protect their homes.”

Democrats always try to capitalize on key political moments to cram through bad gun control bills, but real-time crises like the coronavirus and nationwide riots provide the most effective counterargument possible.

According to the Cato Institute’s Freedom Index, New York and California are ranked 43rd and 49th respectively on gun rights.

But California is now seeing a similar trend in gun purchases. Several gun stores have posted on their websites that inventory is limited, while first-time gun purchasers are furious over the burdensome buying process and mandatory waiting period.

Well, they can thank their local politicians for that. Waiting ten days for a gun while your city is literally burning is a dangerous proposition.

This is why it’s critical to be prepared for a crisis before it comes. It’s not ideal to scramble and buy a gun after the SHTF and you haven’t had proper experience with the weapon.

So every law-abiding citizen should consider exercising their gun rights to protect their businesses, their homes, or their lives.

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