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Gun Grabbers Got The Shock Of Their Lives In One State

Gun Grabbers Got The Shock Of Their Lives In One State


Gun rights are scarily on shaky ground.

Leftists in America have never been this bold in trying to undo the Second Amendment.

But gun grabbers got the shock of their lives in one state.

Virginia has morphed into a battleground state.

Although Virginia has flipped solidly blue due to illegal immigration and D.C. pols spreading out from the capital, the state has become a flashpoint that all gun owners and civil libertarians must pay deep attention to.

Governor Ralph Northam was able to survive a devastating scandal where he was caught in an old photo wearing blackface or a KKK hood.

Any Republican candidate would’ve been immediately ruined in light of such a discovery, but Northam survived because he’s a Democrat.

And since surviving that scandal, Northam has pushed to the hard left.

He said during a radio interview that he was essentially on board with infanticide so long as the doctor and mother can ensure that the baby is “comfortable” when they actively let it die.

Northam has also been a hard leftist on guns.

Students of history know that harsh gun grabs are nearly always precipitated by authoritarian crackdowns.

The government doesn’t fear a disarmed populace because then they can do whatever they want.

Northam and the Democrats want to enact unconstitutional legislation that would hamper gun rights.

The proposals include raising the age for purchasing a gun, hazy “red flag” laws that give broad authority to confiscate guns, limits on monthly gun purchases, limits on ammunition purchases per month, restrictions on magazine size, and more.

And make no mistake, these laws would not be the end.

The end goal is total confiscation.

But the people of Virginia are fighting back.

Of all the counties in the state, 91% have declared themselves sanctuary counties.

Northam and other Democrats in Virginia have flirted with activating the National Guard to go door-to-door and seize guns, but state residents aren’t backing down.

And just recently, gun-grabbing Democrats in the state got a big shock.

At a gun rights town hall in Virginia, over 400 people showed up and many were first-time gun owners or people that registered for a gun advocacy group for the first time.

That’s huge.

The people of Virginia have spoken.

Over 90% of counties want their guns and a jam-packed town hall proves there’s a groundswell of support.

Not only is private gun ownership an American tradition, but it’s the last bulwark against a tyrannical government that could spin out of control.

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