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Gun Control Policies Were Responsible For One Horrific Act

Gun Control Policies Were Responsible For One Horrific Act

Gun Control

The Second Amendment is never secure with gun-grabbers on the prowl.

Gun-rights advocates must stay vigilant or the Second Amendment will be dismantled piece by piece.

And recent gun control policies were responsible for one horrific act.

One of the concerning new gun control laws taking foot are “red flag” laws.

While they vary from state to state, the idea is that law enforcement officials have the right to seize your guns if they’ve been alerted that you or someone in your household is a possible danger to others.

The problem with red flag laws are immediately obvious – they’re an end-run around due process, and the threshold for “danger” is nebulous.

Case in point, red flag laws recently led to a SWAT raid in Potomac, Maryland that resulted in the death of 21-year-old male, Duncan Lemp.

Based on an anonymous tip that Lemp was a threat and in possession of an “assault” weapon, police officers engaged in a no-knock raid at 4:30 a.m.

It appears that none of the guns in Lemp’s house were illegally purchased and that he may have shot and killed in his sleep.

One report said Lemp had booby-trapped a door in his home, but that claim does not seem to be credible.

Because the raid occurred at the beginning of the Wuhan virus lockdown, details about the case have been slow to come out.

However, officials in Maryland are now invoking the Maryland Public Information Act which allows for a delay on the release of information involving the case.

Maryland officials have also put a 30-day hold on releasing the search warrant.

But just the scant details that are available paint an infuriating picture of gun control policies run amok.

According to the freedom index from the Cato Institute, Maryland is 46th among the states on the issue of gun rights.

The curious case of Duncan Lemp shows why. No-knock SWAT raids at 4:30 in the morning are typically reserved for crime kingpins or dangerous fugitives.

According to friends, Lemp was a libertarian who believed in the Second Amendment – hardly grounds for a death sentence.

But this is what happens when the state has too much power.

Red flag laws will continue to grow unless gun rights advocates stand up and defend the Second Amendment.

Virginia is a prime example of what can happen when citizens are aware of government encroachment.

Despite Democrats taking control of the state house and legislature, Virginians beat back expansive gun control measures last year.

A disarmed populace is at the total whim of a tyrannical government.

Eerily, Lemp’s last social media post read, “The Constitution is dead”—and it will be if gun rights are not vigorously upheld.

Sooner or later, the state of Maryland will have to answer for the death of Duncan Lemp.

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