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Gun Control Extremists are Intent on Outlawing One Popular Gun

Gun Control Extremists are Intent on Outlawing One Popular Gun


Gun control activists are always on the move.

And every once in a while, they let slip their true intentions of full gun confiscation.

But there’s one weapon the gun grabbers are fiercely going after.

Gun control activists shockingly don’t know anything about guns.

One would think they would take the time to understand what they want to outlaw.

For example, they say they want to ban “assault rifles” like the AR-15.

The truth is “assault rifle” is a near-meaningless descriptor.

A rifle that’s painted black and has a pistol grip can be classified as an assault rifle, or a “weapon of war,” which has become the gun grabbers’ favorite ridiculous phrase.

Gun control activists just want to ban the AR because it’s popular.

And the AR is popular for good reason.

First, it’s good for home defense.

While shotguns and handguns are both effective for home defense, they each have drawbacks.

The AR combines the best of both worlds.

It’s effective at both close range and long range and provides the stopping power and magazine capacity to take on multiple invaders.

AR’s also provide the precision that a shotgun buckshot will not.

Next, the AR is very user-friendly.

While other rifles might outperform in the AR in a particular category, such as the power for hunting very large game, the AR is strong across the board.

Objectively, no other rifle comes close in that regard.

It’s accurate and relatively lightweight.

The design also makes it durable to elements such as rain, sand, or extreme temperatures.

When compared to other rifles, it’s very easy to become proficient with the AR.

Next, the AR is incredibly customizable.

AR’s provide a vast array of calibers and configurations to choose from.

Gun parts, magazines, and ammo are all incredibly easy to find, and usually at a good price.

The popularity of the AR means there’s always a healthy circulation of accessories for the rifle, whereas niche weapons can become headaches.

Finally, the AR is easy to maintain.

The dirtier the gun, the higher the failure rate.

Nothing is worse than a gun jamming at the most inopportune time.

While the AR’s stock firing configuration lends itself to the rifle getting grimy, it’s easily controlled with proper lubrication.

Using gun lube semi-regularly will keep the AR firing reliably and accurately, even without a thorough cleaning.

The popularity and reputation of the AR is well-earned.

What started out as a commercial gun has been adopted by the military and the police around the world.

It’s the best rifle on the market in terms of efficiency and reliability, bar none.

As mentioned before, you can quickly build up proficiency with the weapon.

Once that happens, you will better be able to take full advantage of the customizable features the gun offers.

Investing in an AR is a great use of resources for home defense, hunting, and range shooting.

It might be wise to get one before the gun grabbers can ban it.

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