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One Scary Form Of Gun Control Could Be Coming Soon

One Scary Form Of Gun Control Could Be Coming Soon

Gun Control

Tyranny is the greatest threat to a free nation.

Those who wish to impose their will on the people are becoming more and more bold in their actions.

And one scary form of control could be coming soon.

Late 18th century British Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger made one of the most apt statements ever about authoritarian governments.

He said, “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”

His chilling statement is more relevant than ever today as leftists in the West are rolling back rights in the name of necessity and safety.

They argue that nobody “needs” a semi-automatic rifle, or that gun rights must be restricted in order to keep people “safe.”

In the United Kingdom, Britons can literally be arrested for “hate speech” on social media, which includes calling a transgender person by the wrong pronoun.

In fact, recently, a popular English YouTube content creator lost his gun license for harmless instructional videos about firearms.

And leftists in America are attempting to impose similar restrictions.

We’re already seeing the rise of intentionally vague “red flag” laws that can be used to take away guns from law-abiding citizens.

In areas with heavy gun control, if a teacher finds out that a student has parents who are gun owners, a complaint from the teacher could potentially lead to the parents temporarily losing their gun rights.

New York and Illinois are attempting to combine these red flag laws with the UK’s social media censorship.

A state Senator in New York proposed a bill that would ban citizens from obtaining a gun license if they have a history of “discriminatory content” online, whatever that means.

Tweets made years ago have led to people getting fired, so the threshold for gun restriction could be dangerously low.

Perhaps the saddest irony of the left’s push for gun control is that people living under the thumb of oppressive governments are begging for gun rights to defend themselves.

In Hong Kong, citizens protesting against encroachment from mainland China’s communist regime are waving American flags and calling for Second Amendment rights.

Meanwhile, leftists in the United States burn the American flag and call for the Second Amendment to be abolished.

Recently, an American leftist in Hong Kong chastised the protesters and told them that safety was more important than freedom.

That mentality is precisely why tyrants exist.

If a society is demoralized enough, they simply give away their rights.

Decades of leftist indoctrination has taught people that freedom is “problematic.”

Every generation has to defend liberty or American democracy dies.

It’s more important than ever to express your support for America’s constitutional protections.

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