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Guess Who Is Required to Disarm Americans If Asked

Guess Who Is Required to Disarm Americans If Asked

We’re starting to see some disturbing signs of the Federal government looking for opportunities to set the stage to gain more forceful control of the American populace.

For example, a former Navy SEAL got out of the military shortly after he and his fellow SEALs were told to sign papers saying that they would be willing to go door-to-door disarming Americans or that they would lose their positions. This situation happened in 1996, but we’re hearing reports of this situation happening again.

That, in addition to testing and training of urban infiltration and warfare procedures, most recently Jade Helm, point to a government looking to prepare for opportunities to hold it’s citizens in a Soviet-style control situation.

Think you can trust the government to not use the skills that they develop in these trainings against us? So did Japanese-Americans during WWII among other situations.  There is an historical precedent for why we should be concerned.

Listen to the Navy SEAL below.

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What are your thoughts? Is the police state getting out of control? Tell us below.

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  • It is SO obvious that SO much is being done behind the scenes. Little tidbits here and there emerge; not enough for anyone to realize or do anything about it. There are enough MEN left in America that we will NOT go down without a fight! It should NEVER come down to this, NOT here and yet I will NOT be surprised as our country’s morals and ethics are going down the tubes! Oh well, I could go on for pages, but, as the kids say….WHATEVER!

  • What are your thoughts? Is the police state getting out of control? Tell us below.
    God Almighty, I hope it’s not true. But didn’t Jesus say, “one will be taken, the other left.” Where the apostles asked where, He said, “Where the body is, there will be the eagles gathered together.” Luke 17:36-37

  • Navy Seals coming for our guns. I don’t think there is enough of them to take American guns. Yes they will get a lot of them but after the first confiscation they will be considered the enemy. NO SURRENDER. U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A. they swore or oath to uphold the Constitution. When they break this oath they will no longer be part of America or a citizen and will be treated as invaders. Job or no Job they should put the Constitution first.

  • let them come. I am well armed, equipped and probably more motivated. So come get you some boys, I am sure I will lose but I will leave behind a huge pile of empty brass

  • Bring it. If only three percent of the American population of 300 million chooses to rise up in active Resistance, that would be a force of 9 million armed Patriots.

    Please tell me what the Obamunists, even with the help of the SEALs, are going to do against the largest armed force in the history of mankind?

    Buy More Λmmo. Doing so is the only viable treatment for ODDD (Obamunist Douchebag Distrust Disorder). Support your local Militia and/or your local Oath Keepers. This won’t end pretty, America.

  • Let me tell u all something. I have friends that are former Navy Seal of 20 years. I also have friends who are former Green Berets, Rangers. And when I asked them about signing papers to go door to door against civilians, they all said that was crap. I can almost gaurentee you that if the president told a military man to fire his weapon against another US citizen just to take his firearm? It won’t happen.

  • Let Obama and his goons try to disarm us. Some of us have just as much skill as the military, even the seals. They can try but I can guarantee a blood bath with Obama among the very first casualties.

  • I am reliving the nightmare of Cuba all over again. Is sad to see this great country of opportunities going down at a very fast speed.

  • I would be hard pressed to run to the end of the block but my trigger finger is still in top notch condition. Old and wore out so I have no other option but to stand and fight.

  • When I was in the military in 1969 to 1975 the same scenarios were presented….except that people were not quite so paranoid then as they are now….We Americans are all armed to the teeth….even grandma has a Kimber .45 in her dresser drawer. It would be a blood bath for anyone to try a door to door thing anywhere in the country…except maybe Kalifornia or NY City where it’s illegal for honest citizens to be armed…..Well maybe the criminals will help us huh….after all….they can’t sell drugs on the corner if we’re under martial law …oh well…they have no problem now with police all over the place what am I saying

  • This is exactly what Hitler did in order to gain control before he gased all those people, they had no defense with him dis-arming them. I’ll be damned if I will be disarmed!! They’ll have to kill me first before I give up any defense

  • I like that running a block. I’m the same on that end. Lol. I have no fear anymore of death. An I can’t an won’t run so that leaves stand an fight.

  • They better remember, their mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and other family members, before they act treasonous against this country and hold up their oath to defend this country from foreign and domestic terrorists and the biggest one of all is sitting in the White House!

  • That’s why our country is allowing illegals to stay, because if thy are trained and given the same orders, they would fire on American citizens because they are not citizens themselves. Also, if it gets that far, UN forces would most likely be called in and they wouldd have no poblm firing on Americans as they are not US citizens sither.

  • Jim, we have more reason to be “paranoid” now. Look at the state of the world and the actions or lack of them depending on the situation of the white house and it’s occupants.

  • What “UN Army”?? It does not EXIST. This is bullshit written by NUTJOB jones at “infowars”. He’ll probably proclaim that “Ukrainian soldiers are hiding in the woods of Canada”. Except right now, because Obama convinced Ukraine to DISARM those Ukrainian soldiers are trying to keep RUSSIA out of their country. This is just a ploy to separate you from your MONEY!

  • Yes, Fatboy, I don’t see it happening. either……….
    I’m becoming more & more jaded when I read or hear of these
    “the sky is falling” warnings………

  • There are already more foreign troops than American on us soil . Foreign wars keep our soldiers a nice safe distance from Americas traitors in power the greenest company of any army are backed by airport artillery and armor standing to fight is certain death it will be martial law and constant surveillance will leave only guerilla style warfare and the same ied and booby traps our soldiers face in the Muslim infested cat box now

  • Ok…Lol…show me the training camps of where their training all of these Illegal aliens. Give me a break. Now you have a point with the UN, firing upon US citizens. But illegal aliens? There not organized enough. & they wouldn’t stand a chance against the Patriots of the USA.

  • Fight or flight reflex is strongest when your young. Flight is no longer an option. LOL. Never expected to live this long. At least I’ll go out supporting and defending the Constitution like I swore to do. Guess it’s time to show them liberals what it means to be a real American.

  • I don’t believe there are even a dozen Navy seals who’d sell out their countrymen, or the Constitution they swore to uphold, for some low rent Socialist who calls himself king.

  • I pray that the leaders and government overseers come to their senses and turn from their ways and be healed. We are all in this together! Those in the military learning to follow orders and those in their homes wanting the American leaders to follow the oaths they took before taking office. People have inserted themselves in key roles of our governing body. This also was written in the constitution and the Bill of rights. Now you see the results of not following these governing principles. This so called leader is not one of ours, yet was placed in the position of commander and chief. The fault is our own for allowing it while we were busy and non concerned. Still we now see and nothing is done. God help us all.

  • The real problem is not this story, but the fact that Obama has already killed many Americans overseas with drone strikes. I am not defending these traitors, but as with Adam Gadan, who was killed recently with a drone strike, and who was an American citizen, the President could have charged him with treason (which he did), then PROSECUTE HIM IN ABSTENTIA, which he did NOT! If he had, the killing would have been in line with the constitution. The way it was done was much like Hitler. Who is next? What criteria, without due process, will be used in the future against American citizens who are on his kill list? Obama could look at a fb post or other comment, and come to that conclusion. Thank God for the second amendment, the founders were indeed very wise.

  • You’re right on the one hand and I have many veteran friend who feel the same way, However, perhaps you haven’t noticed (on the other hand) the purging of military officers who state that they would not fire on American civilians. The Kenyan muslim/marxist’s “Domestic Security Corps” (aka DHS) and his new military have no such reservations. The federal behemoth wants absolute control and all resistance (including arms and personal wealth and property eliminated). It’s a tale as old as time and our current generation has dropped the ball on defending freedom.

    The only rights people can retain are those for which they are willing to kill and die. I suspect that in the near future those of us who revere such ideas as individual rights and freedoms will be put to the test. I suspect that many, perhaps most of us will die but it’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees, especially if you take some of freedom’s enemies down with you. Better that than to willingly condemn our progeny to serfdom and/or dhimmitude as the scum in Washington, New York (the UN) and Geneva prefer. Semper Fi!

  • Amen. Our own military would take over the country in a coupe. Obama and the forces controlling him are underestimating our people. Satan is the prince of this world, but The Lord is almighty. Be not afraid.

  • It’s like this. If ur an American and u will turn a communist non American and kiss Obama ass to sink so low as to deprive us of our American rights then I say bring it. I feel another Waco Texas coming on. Anyone wanting to ban together to fight this dumb bass let me know. I have one saying at my house. U can walk on my land but start shit and u will crawl off

  • Most Japanese Americans got a bad deal during WWII (the West Coast residents). Unfortunately there WERE Japanese spies relaying info re the US (Naval) actions. The US had broken their codes just prior to the war so if their agents had been arrested, they WOULD HAVE KNOWN that we had their codes compromised. It was a tough call but that action saved thousands of lives as the Japanese never changed their code protocol during the entire war.(or just before the end). Those were different times, the nation was in a panic and there was great confusion and fear over the condition that the country was in. The bleeding heart leftists are more concerned over 75 years ago than the people that had to live through it.

  • There are many of us that are in the same boat, but who also have been in the Military and have the training to stand against any force that would dare to invade these United States both foreign or domestic. I would rather die standing on my feet than serve on my knees. In the words of the late great Ronald Regan “The 8 scariest words in the English language are I’m FROM THE GOVERMENT, I’m HERE TO HELP”. So I say bring it on because the only way they are getting my guns are bullets first.

  • I would like to believe, that the special forces are going along with this crazy, suicidal mission of the elite until it is time the elite pull the trigger, our brothers in arms will stand with us instead of against us. In turn, would send the “controlling elite” running away with their tale between their legs. But if that remains a fantasy, COME AND TAKE EM!!!! LIVE FREE OR DIE!!!

  • “Is the police state getting out of control?” Getting?! It’s way, WAY past that! It’s time for Americans to come to grips with what it will be like to wage war against their fellow Americans. Because that’s where this is headed.

  • You’re right sir, When the time comes, many will be there to “Pull The Trigger”. Never worry my friend. There is still enough of our generation that has the right “Mind Set”. To stand up to anyone who wants to take away our rights as free Americans. We are still the Warriors. I will not die as a sheep. But as a sheep dog.

  • I hope our military knows better as the Second Amendment say’s and I don’t need anyone to try and tell me what it means legally. I am of significant intelligence to figure it out and the second amendment says”A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free
    State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be
    infringed”? If our POTUS and Congress decide that we should become a Dictatorship well that will trigger Civil War and one the Government can not come close to winning! I think we must decertify Congress send them all home and start over with Volunteers that we will pay a stipend but we need Patriots not business men and women that can’t control their own greed. I don’t know anyone that wants to kill Military or Citizens and hopefully we have folks that just won’t take those orders.

  • If they try, they will die. Do we really think our fellow Americans will shoot unarmed citizens on American soil? if it starts there will be blood in the streets. I would like to think that even with some of the stupid things Obama has done he’s not that stupid. This isn’t Iraq.

  • I agree completely with you, Jason. God will lead His people. There is only about 45 people calling the shots in their fantasy of world domination. But, they have many followers. Take out the leaddership and the rest will fall like dominos.

  • And a Response to the Very First attempt to Disarm Most of Us 3% will meet the Disarmers with Bullets. This will cause Future Disarmers to shoot us on Contact, so Folks Be Alert when it Begins, Be Ready to take it to the White House. RB USN(Ret)

  • It is Bad enough that Obama’s corrupt administration has done serious damages to this Nation of ours,but to allow the FBI and The VA to violate any of our Military vet’s 2nd Amendment rights,by taking away their Guns,is a strong prelude to a Civil War waiting to happen! our own Military vets,being treated like criminals,or worse,like liabilities,is just so damn ridiculous,and out right stupid!
    we’re going to screw over our own vets,for the years and hard work that these men and women have done,protecting our country and dying for it,and the rest of us? sorry,but this crosses the line,and its time that the people in this country send a serious message to our leaders-do NOT violate those
    constitutional rights,OR our Military vets,by treating them as potential liabilities,,that is THE most
    stupidest thing ever considered! as for the people running,or in this case,ruining the VA,they better get their collective asses together,and lose this horrible idea,or they’ll wind-up doing more damage
    then ever,here,because this stinks on ice! another outstanding example of why Obama has to go-and 2017 can’t come any sooner! please let’s end this insanity,by voting for a strong American President
    next year,before this “Liar in Chief” causes anymore critical damages!!

  • Very true, in the meantime we need to turn off the tv, unless it is being used to educate ourselves and our peers with the many informative pieces made by many for us to learn from. Remain vigilante against this oppression. Take up arms and prepare for the worst, but hope for the best. Speak out against the tyrannical schemes being set forth by the establishment at a state level. DC is a cesspool. Too late to change it there. 1776 is upon us again, we must defend the constitution for it is the primary reason that has made it take so long for the elite to prevail.

  • It won’t be Americans shooting Americans. It’ll be Russians, Romanians, Chinese…you did catch the stories of foreign troops training right here in the good ole USA, right?

  • I wont say what i will do when the time comes but i Guarantee you i dam well will not run from the Cowards that try to put me or my family in a dam concentration camp .That is where God,s Law is superior to Mans Law.Freedom of choice closed.Dam right i am a Vet as well as a Christian and i will Use my Sward that Jesus told his followers to buy. Goodby Obama-nation ‘.

  • this sure mocks my idea that the military would not turn on the civilian population. It also brings up the survey I read about a year ago that said more than 60% of the military would fire on citizens if ordered to do so.

  • Of course the government has grown out of control! You just have to pay attention to what is going on around you to see that the government no longer believes it exists to serve the citizens, but that the populace exists to serve and financially support the government. The politicians, mostly of the democratic flavor but with some support from republicans, have been passing more and more laws that enslave the citizens to the government. They seize more and more of the hard earned salaries of the working class stiffs, forcing them onto government assistance programs so that the public becomes use to the government running their lives.

    The democrats have built a welfare society that owes their very existence to that party, guaranteeing that those on the public dole will vote to support their benefactors. And now the democrats are recruiting a new group, illegal immigrants, to join the welfare society and further increase the number of voters that will vote for the democratic politicians. This is a sure sign that the democrats are building an undefeatable one party rule. And that party will in turn transform into a ruling class group that will turn despotic and rule the peon serfs with a tyrannical iron fist.

    But standing in the way of the democratic tyranny is a whole bunch of patriotic American citizens that believe in the freedom and liberty that America stands for. And those citizens cling to their bibles in a moral hand, and stand guard against the tyranny wanted by the democratic regime with the weapons guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment to remain in civilian hands. The 2nd Amendment is the final, most absolute, “check and balance” against a government that has grown beyond the control of the citizens. This is why the democratic politicians have been so active in trying to remove the rights of the citizens to own firearms. The democrats want no resistance when they install their chosen dictator, ending the voting rights of American citizens. But standing in their way is that pesky 2nd Amendment and those American Patriots.

  • Many, if not all, of the Navy SEALS will not stand with the government against the Citizens and the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The same goes for many in the Special Forces Community, along with many in the military branches. Why do you think Obama has replaced over 200 high commanders in all of the military branches, installing those who would support the democratic takeover of the country? Why do you think our service members are being questioned by those new commanders regarding their willingness to fire on American citizens? Why do you think that our politicians have had all weapons taken from miIitary members on all bases across the country, and having access only if the Obama supporting commanders choose to release weapons. And those weapons will only be released to those service members who agreed to fire on American civilians. They have removed the weapons from the general military population to protect the tyrannical government from military members who would stand in defense of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and stand with those armed civilians who are Patriot.

  • Those military members who said they would fire on civilians, they for the most part were smart enough to say yes instead of being drummed out of the military. The number that actually would follow that unconstitutional order is not as great as you believe. As an ex-military member and retired police officer, I would answer the question in the affirmative also. And I would remain employed. But if ever given that order, I would have fallen out and joined the Patriot civilians. I am not saying that some of the military members would not do as ordered, but I believe in most of those military members that took an oath to support and defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They would not fire on fellow Americans when ordered to do so.

  • Plus…we know the terrain…small arms…they are in trouble…will just depend on how much they will destroy with air and armor…

  • How many of your blood relatives would YOU shoot???Now…ex-in laws may be another story for some…

  • Take it also to those that have voted to take down this fine country House members and Senate members. Obama could not have done it without there APPROVEL.

  • He does not care. He knows once he has eliminated enough of our Army he will bring in the UN, plus he has backup, all the Muslims he has imported. MILLIONS. Remember the only way to kill a snake is to cut off the head.

  • Have to disagree with you there. these courageous young soldiers are completely brainwashed and will do any thing there commander tells them to do.

  • Like a friend says, 25 will come to my door, only 23 will leave. How many are going to leave from your home.

  • No, there are a VERY large amount of military and police that adore the idea of being just like Hitler’s SS troops. But it does not matter how well trained and how well supplied they are they will never stop MILLIONS of true Americans; especially when they start killing family members.

  • I don’t care how many traitors and corrupt police that the BASTARD in the Whitehouse trains and arms and equips with the best of equipment; they still will not stop MILLIONS of Americans who will do ANYTHING to keep their freedom and loved ones. His minions will definitely win out a few bloody battles at first but the tide will turn and WE WILL OVERCOME. Obama – BURN IN HELL

  • That may be the case, but I have the age, & have had bullets zing by me. I have the, “I don’t give a shit attitiude” don’t mess with me, my family, or my property. So move along little soldier. Because if you want an attitude adjustment? I will give you one. Lol…..Age does have it’s benefits. & I guarantee I have put 10’s of thousands of rounds down range, much more than most soldiers who have been in for many years.

  • Fatboy, hope your not talking to me. If I was a little younger I am sure I could have helped you with the attitude. I protect all not just family, and yes I have also shot 10’s of thousands of ammo. Love the long shots. Never could back down from a good fight. I donot mess with anyone unless they piss me off. Little soldier you say no I am 6- 2 Wife and doctor both tell me I cannot fight no more but still have a good eye and a steady hand. Shot so much I donot even care about it any longer No challenge because if I can see you I can take you out. Give me 3 shots with your gun and I would out shoot you that is how sure I am. but give me a pole, and there is the challenge to catch a five pound bass.

  • Fatboy thought I would add a little extra. You have a problem, save it for this Fall and Jade Helm that is coming. I might need someone to watch my back.

  • I think our military will have a surprise in store for the despots giving them orders. SEALS are AMERICANS – they love our country. I can’t fathom they will be pawns for NWO SCUM CRUD.

  • Just remember, we are the terrorists. patriots are the enemy. folks who believe in the constitution are rebels. people who believe in traditional marraige are radicals. freedom is slavery. truth is hate speech. Just recenty it was put something like “people who have ideas based in religous doctrune, or adhear to traditional values, must be made to let go of those old ideas.” isn’t that just what hillary said?

  • “The goal of socialism is communism” – Vladimir Lenin

    “We are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America” – Barack Obama

    “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” – Barack Obama

    Beware the D&R oligarchy, they routinely act on behalf of self, fellow globalists, and international bankers.

  • I believe once the patriotic in the military got onto this, they lied to their “commander” robots saying anything to keep access to becoming the force of horror for Constitution enemies. We’re not as stupid as they think we are.

  • How long and how effective has the “reverse-logic” mental conditioning been? Get gas-masks!
    Chemicals go around walls and barricades. They are also persistant. Some cannot be destroyed with fire or bleach.

  • So true and great post. We who believe in this country and in our Constitution, need to stick together, no matter what.

  • it happened in new orleans they was taking peoples guns and they didn’t have anyway to defend themselves from gangs and looters

  • Can’t trust the obama government as far as they can be thrown by a 3 year old. And congress isn’t far behind at the moment.

  • Join, or support your local militias. Organization scares the sh1t out of the “anointed one”.

  • “I will support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign AND DOMESTIC”
    Excerpt from the oath every person who joins the military takes.

  • The reason that large numbers of foreign nationals are no longer being deported, and even deliberately transported into our nation at taxpayer expense, is to provide the Obamunists with an embedded population who will later become the spies, informants, and collaborators of the coming “Fundamental Transformation” of America into a neo-Socialist oligarchy.

    Those foreign civilians have no loyalty or allegiance to our nation or to our Constitution, so they have no love for those of us who call ourselves Patriots.

    The reason that large numbers of United Nations and other foreign military troops are going through “training” here inside the United States (as part of Jade Helm 15 and other “exercises”) is so that they can be issued American uniforms, weapons, equipment, and vehicles and so that they can become familiar with the areas of America where they will be deployed against the American population.

    Those foreign soldiers have no loyalty or allegiance to our nation or to our Constitution, so they would have no hesitation against murdering and enslaving Americans.

    It won’t be our fellow Americans shooting unarmed Citizens, it will be foreigners dressed up as Americans. Those foreigners will also be the ones tasked to eliminate those members of our own military who refuse orders to shoot at American citizens.

    Buy More Λmmo. Doing so is the only viable treatment for ODDD (Obamunist Douchebag Distrust Disorder). Support your local Militia and/or your local Oath Keepers. This won’t end pretty, America.

  • As another token, I have spoken with several soldiers that tell me, If the government falls, they will be the first ones to defend this country. This does not mean the government.

  • I agree Doc. Maybe not as lean or as mean but still a “American” Marine. Semper Fi.

  • Already have six OP’s set up around my property. pray to God I never have to use them, but……..

  • If you remember, in the revolution, it was the squirrel hunters that the British hated. (bunch o sneaky bastards)

  • Setemfree i agree but it would be ashame to have to kill our highest trained military combat soldiers and just cannot believe they will obey the Government regeim when it come’s to their own flesh and blood people!!! All most of them know is how to kill and use weapons and are the best at it! I have seen their training first hand! An x-naval intelligence officer,and U.S. federal agent! They are the best at what they do but also very patriotic! Mike

  • twofeathers51, you are sooo right and they also ate a lot of squirrel’s , gravey and bisquits!

  • No, not really. But that ODDD thing is just my way of utterly mocking the notion of ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder), something that the Obamunist Whackadoodle Headshrinks came up with. Basically, the premise of ODD is that, if you defy authority, then you have a psychological disorder.

    As what passes for their “reasoning” goes, if the above is a “disorder”, then I have an even *worse* disorder, because I not only defy the Obamunist douchebags, I am incapable of even trusting them in the slightest! I would not trust The Zero or any of his douchebag minions to pour p|ss out of a boot that had the instructions printed on the bottom, much less run our entire nation.

    These douchebag Obamunist morons are going to get us all killed.

    Hence the only proper treatment for ODDD (Obamunist Douchebag Distrust Disorder) is to Buy More Ammo !

    This won’t end pretty, America.

  • Didn’t say they are training them at the present time, but wouldn’t put it past them. All illegals are not from Mexico, and I can’t prove it but see report after report about ISIS training camps within the US.

  • You are right. There are literally thousands of ex-military from enlisted to officers in all branches that are totally disgusted with this Socialist Regime we are under. They are armed to the teeth with access to the same weapons systems as all of the police and military traitors under his majesty. That’s why I say there will be a lot of bloodshed at the onset but it will be a very short time when millions of true Americans will wipe their butts and send them to hell. When it happens the worse part is the fact that we will be fighting them and the Moslem factions at the same time, but we will still win out. I would rather die a thousand times knowing that I am on the side of God than cower down and do nothing but submit to tyranny.

  • That is an unlawful order to give to the troops. They took an Oath to the Constitution, not unquestioning fealty to a dictator. He bringing other nationalities in to our country to train to shoot us as well as hoards of robotic Muslims who do not care for the western way of life, hate freedom, and want to make this country their own.

  • twofeathers51 – The main purpose of the Afghanistan/Iraq situation was the training of the US RESERVISTS/NATIONAL GUARD to kill families in their homes! That is why we have the highest numbers of suicides in the history of the U.S. military. Careful checking will probably prove that the veterans who did NOT sign those Assault Contracts are the ones who have been denied their 2nd Amendment guns!

  • Now we know why my doctor refused to ask me if I had guns. Doc and nurse both carry at all times….It must be the end of Obozo now.

  • with that many muslims, being in the united states. one of them will get to the top government officials. besides , sure there is some of them, in their group, that are upset, that a muslim is continuing to work for a non muslim country, and lead it also. all of them coming to the united states, one sour apple in the barrel , will not be here to get the American s, but consider, our muslim, leader, for doing what he is. doing REPRESENTING THE UNITED STATES, in which one of them will be here for that reason, instead

  • Very solid advice. Head of the snake is what is called for. No sense needlessly engaging military units when it can be brought to a conclusion a lot more efficiently.

  • In the American Revolution war the British face only 3% of the populace. When it comes again (and it will) they will face at least 45% of the populace. You do the math.

  • Run?? hell, who wants to run? Stand and fight for your freedom as did our ancestors.

  • Obummer is the Anti-Christ Muslim Terrorist Hitlers son. So bring it on I buy ammo instead of jewelry but please make sure to target practice you do not want to waste any ammo.

  • At 66 when I walk the dogs, I also run ’em. Just bought an old-time “armstrong powered” lawn mower. I run it too. Looking to run a 5K this summer. The idea is either to run toward the “fire” or to run & fight another time. Either way, I still need to be smart & outlast the competition.

  • Would be nice but the deterioration in my L4, L5 and Sacrum prohibit that type of physical activity. I do have memories of 25 mile recon shuffles in full pack and gear including an 81mm mortar tube.

  • I have been stocking up on arms and ammo for the past 2 years, and being 62 years old, WILL go down fighting. I WILL fight to my death to protect my kids, and grand children from our government. Many have fought before us to protect our freedoms, and I WILL do my part to do the same. BRING IT ON!

  • Guest I totally agree with you for our guys and gals in the military are patriotic , love American and are in the military not for the money but to protect us! I could not ever shoot our troops! I certainly can and have shot the one’s who want America to fall!

  • well we better hope the American people will ban together and fight for our gun rights..i know I will .

  • We need to defend this great country any way it comes under attack.

    If it is attacked i will do my best to defend this great country . One Nation under God. God Bless America and the people that will stand and fight for what our great men and women fought to keep this country free and died for. I hate to think what our veterans that lost there lives fighting for us would think if we let these evil ones destroy our Great nation.

  • I have traveled coast to coast a few times in the last couple years by road.
    What I have seen is shocking and it is done right in front of you. You drive by it everyday and think it’s just road construction on a overpass. Wrong! They are installing huge hydraulic steel walls to shut down the interstates with the push of a button. I have seen them in Idaho, Colo. Neb. One I saw said road closed due to traffic accident. No accident they detoured you around the overpass and had it all tarped off. No emergency vehicles no tow trucks nothing that would say accident just heavy construction equip. When I exited I asked the clerk how long that accident scene has been there she said about six weeks and had no info: on the wreck???????? So stay vigilante

  • I agree… It would be a little more difficult to get genuine U.S. Troops to open fire on Americans than it would be to get a foreign standing Army to do it. Our borders have been wide open for so long that it would not be difficult at all to assemble a foreign standing Army to attack us. In fact, just out of curiosity, does anyone have any idea what the actual ratio of true Americans are to these so-called “Dreamers” serving in our own military?

  • What if Jade Helm 15 is already a false flag operation? I have many friends still in SOCOM (stateside) and NONE of them is involved in Jade Helm 15. NONE. If not them, then who?

  • Jade Helm is in full swing in Texas, buckaroo, and the governor made some tough guy statements about “monitoring” it, but no one in the state military forces has been mobilized to do so. If they want to take down American patriots, they will HAVE TO subdue Texas first.

  • UH – you know – like he thought he outnumbered the Indians and he was smarter than them simply because he was a highly self-centered person that took advice from no one. Have you read a history book lately? OOPS – American History is no longer required in this country.

  • If something like this were to happen, people need to be proactive. You can’t just lay and wait at your home for them to tactically attack you, we need to be on the attack. If you hear the news that they are disarming Americans, you need to find them before they find you. I’ve got the feeling that once they realize that they can’t even drive down the street without being shot at, they’ll quit even coming in for work .

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