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One Democrat Confessed He Doesn’t Care About A Growing National Emergency

One Democrat Confessed He Doesn’t Care About A Growing National Emergency

Julian Castro

The Democrats only have one goal in mind: defeat Donald Trump in 2020.

They’ve abandoned dealing with current problems that affect Americans.

And one Democrat hellbent on defeating Donald Trump all but admitted he doesn’t care about a growing national crisis.

Immigration might be the biggest issue facing America.

ICE and CBP have had to deal with an overwhelming flood of illegal aliens coming from Mexico, Central America, and even Africa.

The number of border detainees has reached record levels.

There aren’t even enough beds and facilities for everyone, and ICE has had to quarantine thousands of illegal aliens due to infectious disease outbreaks.

Not only is the left unconcerned with illegal immigration, but they’re also pushing for more of it.

Investigative journalists have uncovered activist groups organizing and supplying resources to migrant caravans traveling through Mexico.

The Democrats won’t do anything to quell the problem because they want the future voters and the added representation in the House of Representatives.

However, one Democrat running for president went even further left on the issue of illegal immigration.

Julian Castro, HUD Secretary under Barack Obama, spoke at a town hall in Arizona where he gave a shocking answer to a question about illegal immigration.

A woman in the crowd relayed a story where an illegal alien stole her Social Security Number.

The woman asked Castro if he would protect illegal aliens like that by not releasing them into the custody of ICE.

Instead of answering the question, Castro replied, “Crime happens.”

His statement was reminiscent of London Mayor Sadiq Khan saying that terrorist attacks are “part and parcel of living in a big city.”

Castro continued with a meandering statement that didn’t at all address the question.

He gave a vague answer about prosecuting illegal aliens and strengthening the border.

However, Castro doesn’t believe a word of that.

Castro’s mother Maria was an activist in the far-left group La Raza Unida, and she passed on her politics to Julian.

He’s staked out every far-left position including advocacy for the ludicrous Green New Deal, which would cost $93 trillion.

Castro, like other financially illiterate leftists, said America could pay for the Green New Deal and other liberal initiatives by making the rich “pay their fair share.”

But they can never articulate what that is.

The top 20% of earners in America pay 87% of the federal income tax.

Would 100% be their “fair share?”

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He’s also parroted the liberal talking point that tax rates were once over 91%, but that’s wildly misleading because nobody actually paid anywhere near that.

Castro and the other far-left clones running for president are all bad on immigration because the Democrat party position is now open borders.

None of them will openly say it, but their words couldn’t be any clearer.

“Crime happens.”

Illegal aliens shouldn’t be committing any crimes.

And if they do, they shouldn’t be shielded from deportation.

You’d think Castro would easily be able to agree with that benign statement, but he couldn’t even bring himself to say it.

Radical leftists like Castro have become the face of the Democrat Party.

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