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One Growing Issue Is About To Trigger An Unprecedented Public Health Crisis

One Growing Issue Is About To Trigger An Unprecedented Public Health Crisis


American society is gradually breaking down.

Civil unrest is on the rise, and the country is dealing with both new and old problems.

But one growing issue is about to trigger an unprecedented public health crisis.

For decades, Americans lived under the fear of the Cold War and the potential of nuclear destruction at the hands of the Soviet Union.

After that, Islamic terror became a big threat to Western civilization.

And while that threat remains, there’s another problem festering in America.

Radical left policies and ideologies are destroying the country from within.

Bad policies in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle have triggered a homelessness crisis that’s now completely out of control.

The rise in homelessness is causing serious problems on multiple fronts.

First, the Democratic super-majorities in liberal west coast cities have decided that the best way to combat homelessness is to allow people with mental health and/or addiction problems to live in squalor on the street while throwing more taxpayer money at the problem.

Both of these solutions are insane.

It’s not compassionate to let people with severe mental health problems camp out all over the city.

And it’s led to a scary rise in infectious diseases.

Diseases like typhus and even the bubonic plague are making a comeback.

Another effect of these policies is a rise in crime.

There are essentially no consequences to the widespread low-level crime that drops the quality of life for all citizens.

For example, a truly disgusting episode recently took place in Los Angeles when a deranged homeless man yanked a woman from her car and poured hot diarrhea all over her head.

The woman, Heidi Van Tassel, spoke to radio host Dr. Drew Pinsky on his show about the incident.

Dr. Drew has been warning about a typhus outbreak for some time due to the rise in homelessness.

He said he worked with an organization that drives around Los Angeles and tries to get homeless people off the streets and into facilities that have beds and private rooms.

Almost all of them choose to stay on the street because they’re not able to make rational decisions or they want easy access to drugs.

During his interview with Van Tassel, Dr. Drew said the lawlessness would only get worse.

“These kinds of random attacks that seem truly crazy and violent are going to increase in frequency because the people that are deteriorating in our streets are getting sicker and sicker and sicker…It is the sort of dramatic stories that finally captures peoples’ attention.”

The problem can’t help but get worse if Democrats aren’t interested in solutions that actually work.

Government spending on homelessness has increased exponentially in San Francisco, yet it’s only resulted in more homelessness.

Hundreds of thousands of people are leaving these west coast metropolises because the cost of living and crime are escalating at an alarming rate.

San Francisco’s housing market is particularly bad because the quasi-socialist local government makes it impossible for builders to create any new housing.

Until the problem gets resolved, the chances of infectious disease and lawlessness becoming serious threats are only going to increase.

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