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One Governor Is Hiding Evidence About COVID That Will Turn Your Stomach

One Governor Is Hiding Evidence About COVID That Will Turn Your Stomach

Andrew Cuomo

Democrats continue to hold Donald Trump solely responsible for the Wuhan virus.

Blaming Trump for a worldwide pandemic is preposterous, but they’re doing it nonetheless.

And one governor is hiding evidence about COVID-19 that will turn your stomach.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo has been one of the worst leaders at handling the coronavirus.

New York State had one of the worst per capita infection fatality rates of any locale in the world.

Over 33,000 New Yorkers died with COVID, but Cuomo has continued to pat himself on the back for conquering the virus.

Not only did Cuomo create a mural depicting his “victory” over the virus, but he also wrote a book about how well he faced down the crisis and succeeded.

This is mind-numbing, especially when it was his policy to send COVID patients back into nursing homes.

That decision killed untold thousands of New Yorkers, and the American people haven’t gotten an honest accounting because Cuomo refuses to release the number of patients who actually died in nursing homes.

Perhaps just as disgusting as Cuomo’s unearned victory lap was the corporate press’s defense of him.

Cuomo appeared on CNN with his brother Chris to trade unfunny jokes and receive plaudits for his handling of COVID-19.

And MSNBC even tried to attack Florida governor Ron DeSantis for his handling of the virus while showering Cuomo with praise.

That is insane considering how much better DeSantis handled the virus than Cuomo.

DeSantis actually protected the nursing home patients in his state while Cuomo didn’t.

Cuomo got praise from the so-called mainstream media for two reasons – one, he’s a Democrat, and two, the left loves lockdowns regardless of how harmful they are.

Cuomo issued draconian lockdowns, which caused the press to swoon.

He even took down basketball rims so people couldn’t play outdoors.

The pro-lockdown Democrats want people living in fear so they’re able to seize more power.

Some jurisdictions tried to roll back gun rights in the name of COVID policy.

While Donald Trump didn’t try to usurp the power of the individual states, leftists praised the leaders of Europe who did exactly that.

As much as the left screeches about fascism, they actually love authoritarian leftism.

They marvel at communist China’s efficiency and simply ignore the horrific human rights abuses that take place on a daily basis.

But it turns out many of the European leaders lauded by the press didn’t handle the outbreak correctly.

Virtually all of the countries that supposedly handled COVID better than Trump are experiencing second waves and another round of strict lockdowns.

Meanwhile, Sweden broke from the mentality and didn’t employ a lockdown strategy.

Instead, they chose a herd immunity strategy.

Thus far, the move has paid off.

Sweden performed on par with the other countries, but they aren’t experiencing a second wave.

Also, the World Health Organization recently announced that lockdowns were a terrible method for dealing with COVID.

Despite this mountain of evidence, Cuomo is still unabashedly peddling his ridiculous book.

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