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One Governor Could Take An Unbelievable Step On Gun Control

One Governor Could Take An Unbelievable Step On Gun Control

Ralph Northam

Defending gun rights is becoming more important than ever.

Emboldened gun-grabbers are planning extreme actions.

Now one governor could take an unbelievable step on gun control.

The state of Virginia has gone from red, purple, and now to blue.

Democrats control the state house and legislature.

One hallmark of leftist governance is to take away gun rights from the citizenry and Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is no different.

Northam survived an embarrassing scandal when he admitted to appearing in a medical school yearbook photo where he was either wearing a KKK hood or blackface at a Halloween party.

Coincidentally, Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax was accused of sexual assault, and state Attorney General Mark Herring also admitted to wearing blackface in the past.

So the top three Democrats in the Virginia line of succession all survived scandals that would’ve ended the career of any Republican.

Now, these Democrats are moving ahead with a terrible policy agenda.

Northam already admitted during a radio interview that he supported post-birth abortions, and he’s bad on the issue of guns too.

Northam wants to ban “assault” weapons, institute universal background checks, limit citizens to one gun purchase per month, limit magazine sizes, and increase the age to purchase a gun.

Even worse, Democrats in the state have floated the idea of mandatory buybacks.

The plan initially failed last summer when Republicans controlled the legislature, but that’s no longer the case, which means gun confiscation could be on the docket.

Democratic Congressman Donald McEachin suggested that the National Guard could go door-to-door and round up guns if local law enforcement does not comply with the extreme gun-grabbing measures.

According to state law, Governor Northam has the authority to activate the National Guard to militate against the people, which would be a nightmare.

So far, 72 of the 95 counties in Virginia have pledged to be gun sanctuary counties, so civil conflict could literally break out if state Democrats push their radical agenda.

Extreme gun control is what the left has always wanted, but they were never honest enough to admit.

Now they’re openly calling for it, even at the presidential level.

Multiple Democrat candidates have pushed for insane gun control policies.

It’s scary to think what they will do if they get their hands on the levers of power.

Virginia could serve as a test case for what may be coming down the pike in other blue states.

California and New York already have some of the most restrictive gun laws, and they’re pushing for more.

Some laws have been struck down, but Democrats will keep trying.

It’s more important than ever to know, exercise, and champion for your gun rights before they are stripped away.

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