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One Governor Just Realized the Huge Gun Control Mistake He Made

One Governor Just Realized the Huge Gun Control Mistake He Made

Governor Ralph Northam

Gun grabbers are making a hard push against the Second Amendment.

Gun rights in America are being threatened in truly alarming ways.

But one governor just realized the huge gun control mistake he made.

Everybody needs to keep a close eye on Virginia.

The state has turned into a battleground for gun rights in America.

The once reliably red state has flipped completely blue as the Democrats now control the state House and the legislature.

And Governor Ralph Northam has made an extreme gun control push.

Northam and the Democrats want “red flag” laws that give authorities broad powers to confiscate guns, restrictions on gun purchases, restrictions on ammunition purchases, and much more.

In response to the extreme gun control initiative, roughly 91% of the counties in the state declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries.

The same leftists who applaud sanctuary cities vis-à-vis illegal immigration decry the existence of gun sanctuaries.

The difference is illegal immigration sanctuaries are flouting the law, while gun sanctuaries are upholding it.

The Second Amendment protects gun rights, and gun control activists are doing everything they can to skirt that.

The backlash to Northam was so severe, he praised gun rights groups as a way to acknowledge his mistake.

After a recent rally, Northam said, “Hundreds of Virginians participated, and the day passed without incident. That is what peaceful events look like.”

However, Northam and the Democrats aren’t going to go down on their gun control mission.

In advance of another gun rights rally, Northam issued a state of emergency, stoking fears that a violent protest might break out.

This is nonsense.

Responsible gun owners do not engage in violent demonstrations in the streets.

Republican State Senator Amanda Chase thinks the state of emergency declaration is a setup in advance of the pro-gun rally.

On Facebook, Chase posted:

“Sadly, I am posting this, knowing that the Governor of Virginia has declared a State of Emergency in our state. I want you to be aware of how we are being set up.”

Democrats and the media are itching for an incident.

Chase continued:

“If people show up wearing any kind of uniform, patch or other symbol on their clothing signifying they belong to a militia and something goes wrong, you could/will be held as a domestic terrorist.”

All it takes is one kook to give the gun grabbers the juice they need.

And as Chase outlined, it could be an agent provocateur:

“If anyone steps out of line, all it takes is one person, it may even be a government plant….if that plant does anything to disrupt the rally, you could/will be arrested as a domestic terrorist.”

Northam and the Democrats want Virginia to be a flashpoint for the rest of the country.

Chase concluded:

“The Governor, using the media has already set the stage for this to happen,” Chase continued. “He has already laid the groundwork to make the entire movement look like insurrection. It will be used to put the rest of the nation on notice of what will happen to you, if you resist.”

If the Democrats get away with their gun control gambit, it could be a bad sign for many other purple states that are trending blue.


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