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One Governor Made An Announcement That Left Antifa Terrorists Shaking

One Governor Made An Announcement That Left Antifa Terrorists Shaking

Ron DeSantis

The radical left is on a mission to destroy America.

They’re not even hiding anymore as they march through the streets causing destruction.

But one governor made an announcement that has Antifa terrorists shaking.

Antifa has only escalated its attacks on America since being designated a domestic terror group by Attorney General William Barr.

One terrorist, who described himself as “100% Antifa,” executed a Trump supporter in Portland and the far left cheered on social media.

And their ideological cousins in Black Lives Matter have also been responsible for murders around the country.

In light of Antifa and Black Lives Matter extremists marching through the streets and chanting “Death to America,” AG Barr recently floated the idea of charging them with sedition.

Whether or not he follows through, the message is clear – the rioting and looting must stop.

Now Florida governor Ron DeSantis is doing his part to tamp down the violence that’s befallen many cities across the country.

DeSantis is ramping up penalties for rioters who commit acts of violence, vandalize, and illegally block motorists in the streets.

From The Blaze:

“Specifically, the bill, if adopted by the legislature, would make it a third-degree felony to be a part of an assembly of seven or more people causing damage or injuring people or to obstruct traffic and block motorists during an unpermitted demonstration. The bill would also protect motorists from any liability for death or injury to the mob members if the individual is clearly fleeing to safety. This addresses a growing problem we are seeing with BLM rioters blocking traffic and placing motorists in grave danger of being forced to risk either being severely beaten or running over those blocking the road.”

Many drivers have been yanked out of their vehicles and beaten, and some have even been shot at.

DeSantis’s bill will also open up benefactors of the mayhem to RICO charges and withhold bail for rioters until their first court hearing.

Progressive district attorneys have become notorious for letting out criminals with nary a slap on the wrist who go back out on the streets and engage in more rioting and looting.

This is why Barr declared New York City, Seattle, and Portland “anarchistic jurisdictions” that are now in jeopardy of losing federal funding.

While this chaos has unfolded on the streets, Democrats have been reluctant to call it out.

Only recently has the so-called mainstream media begun acknowledging that the endless riots are a problem.

If DeSantis can push through his plan, other red state governors should considering following suit to protect their cities from far-left extremists.

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