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What To Do If The Government Takes One Unthinkable Action

What To Do If The Government Takes One Unthinkable Action

Martial Law

The Constitution is supposed to protect U.S. citizens from government tyranny.

But constitutional norms are being threatened in a significant way.

Here’s what to do if the government takes one unthinkable action.

America is no stranger to civil unrest, particularly during the 19th century when the country fought a civil war to end slavery.

But fortunately, the United States has avoided the government tyranny that’s plagued other nations over the past century.

Fascism, communism, and other variants of authoritarian government have devastated countries all over the globe.

Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong are fighting against encroachment from the Communist Party of mainland China, and socialist governments are creating turmoil throughout South and Central America.

In Venezuela, a starving population has resorted to eating zoo animals, and the people are at the complete mercy of the socialist government.

While these concepts may seem alien to America, it can happen here if constitutional freedoms are not upheld.

In addition to attacks on free speech and the right to bear arms, radical leftists are literally attacking ICE facilities and journalists who detail their crimes.

This will only lead to increased tensions, and could eventually precipitate the government into declaring martial law.

If that chilling possibility happens, here’s what you need to know.

First, OPSEC (operational security) is the key to survival.

When martial law is declared, military personnel take over civilian duties and aren’t bound by the same search and seizure laws.

That means the government could confiscate your possessions.

When you consider how many politicians have openly called for gun confiscation, it’s not impossible to imagine a scenario where the state comes for your guns.

OPSEC is important because you’re less likely to be raided if people don’t know what type of self-defense or food resources you have.

Only share sensitive information with trusted people in your inner circle.

Next, do your best not to come in contact with military personnel.

Martial law brings with it a curfew, so don’t leave your house unless it’s necessary.

While you still have rights, the safeguards for protecting them will be weakened.

That puts a lot of power in the hands of someone who might be unscrupulous.

Next, have a healthy stock of food and medical supplies.

You never know how long the emergency could last, so you don’t want to be dependent on anyone else if you can help it.

If you have a chronic medical condition, this is where three-month prescriptions can come in handy.

Finally, make sure you stay informed.

Stay on top of all local and national so you’ll better know how to prepare.

The flow of information could be restricted, so items like ham radios and satellite phones will allow you to keep in contact with the outside world through unconventional means.

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