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Government Threatens Fines Because Father Makes His Kids Happy?!?

Government Threatens Fines Because Father Makes His Kids Happy?!?

Wow. Just unbelievable. Those are the first words that come to mind to me when I heard about this situation in Ogden City, Utah. Picture it:

A 36 year old father of two, builds a play fort for his kids in his front yard from cardboard boxes with cool stuff like turrets and tunnels. Code enforcement gets one complaint from some person (we don’t know who, so it sounds like they were protected by anonymity) and orders the father to take it down by April 17th or be fined $125.

So, let me get this straight: guy takes his own time to make his own kids happy. Is nice enough to invite all of the neighborhood kids to play, too, and one busybody in the neighborhood who can’t get their head out of their behind gives the city government an excuse to force this guy to have to choose to either keep making his kids happy or pay the government. Yeah, that pretty well sums it up.

Matt Agorist puts it this way:

“Like all threats from government, this citation from the city would ultimately be enforced through the initiation of force. Had the family refused to tear down the box fort, on their own property, they would have been met with a letter of extortion, known as a citation. Had they refused to be extorted, armed men from the state would have come to collect this money. If they refused yet again, and defended themselves from these armed men, they would be killed.”

Not only is code enforcement wrong on this one, they need to find the person who can’t mind their own business and fine them for wasting everyone’s time.

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