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What To Do If The Government Takes This Extreme Action

What To Do If The Government Takes This Extreme Action


Survivalists put a lot of effort into being prepared for all kinds of emergencies.

But one obstacle that often gets overlooked is the government.

Here’s what to do if the government takes one extreme measure.

The threat of a deadly pandemic is a possibility that nobody can take lightly.

People are commonly taught the breadth and devastation of the plagues that decimated Europe in the Middle Ages.

However, several 20th century pandemics have killed millions, too.

One of the concerns that springs from the spread of a pandemic is the reaction of the government.

And one extreme action the government might take is to quarantine people.

Recently, this has happened in ICE detention centers where over 2,000 illegal aliens were quarantined so as not to spread communicable diseases like mumps and measles.

Also, illnesses like typhus and even the bubonic plague are rising in west-coast cities due to the raging homelessness problem exacerbated by liberal policies.

With these diseases on the uptick and African migrants fleeing Ebola-affected regions, the possibility of a quarantine isn’t out of the question.

In fact, since 2004, the U.S. government has increased the number of quarantine centers from eight to 20 in anticipation of the rising threat of bioterrorism.

So the groundwork for quarantine is already in place.

If you find yourself caught in a quarantine zone, there are certain steps you can take to weather the storm.

First, be prepared to hunker down in your home.

If only your bug-out location is prepared for an extended emergency, a quarantine could be devastating.

Make sure you have enough food, sanitation supplies, and first-aid materials to survive.

Resources may be limited and certain goods might even be rationed by the government.

Have your own stash and be diligent about OPSEC (operational security) so outside forces aren’t motivated to take what belongs to you.

Next, have a plan for dealing with rodents and insects.

They spread diseases and they’ll be all the more dangerous during the institution of a quarantine.

Keeping your bug-in location clean is of utmost importance.

If anyone in your household is sick, limit other people’s exposure to them.

Have a designated sick room to keep people comfortable while separating them from the others to protect them from illness.

You can further ensure this with supplies like breathing masks, clean clothing, trash bags, and disinfectant wipes.

Also, don’t neglect your own health.

Bugging in doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to make sound food choices.

As part of health maintenance, look for ways to exercise.

Walking around the block may not be an option, so exercises that you can do inside the house become more important.

Push-ups, sit-ups, free weights, a treadmill, or even jumping jacks to elevate the heart rate and work up a sweat are good in-home selections.

If you’re prepared to hunker down and are conscious of your health and cleanliness, you’ll be able to get through a quarantine without panic setting in.

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