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One Government Failure is Facilitating a National Emergency

One Government Failure is Facilitating a National Emergency


During Barack Obama’s two terms as president, he expanded the size and scope of government in an alarming way.

Donald Trump is doing his best to rein in some of the more disastrous effects of eight years of Democratic rule, but he’s constantly being met with resistance.

And the Democrats’ actions on one issue leading to a national emergency.

Donald Trump won the presidency by talking honestly about a key issue that most Americans feel is deeply important: immigration.

Trump promised to build a wall on the southern border, but the Democrats, their deep state allies, and the mainstream media have joined forces to combat him at every turn.

Trump offered amnesty for the “Dreamers” in exchange for a border wall and immigration reform.

The Democrats said no.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and his cohorts are more than happy to leave a broken immigration system in place.

It’s gotten so bad, the United States Customs and Border Patrol Agency (CPB) says they’ve been completely overrun at the border, and they will begin releasing asylum seekers into the country because there’s nowhere to house them.

The overwhelming majority (over 90%) of asylum claims turn out to be bogus and are rejected.

Asylum claims from Mexico are summarily rejected, but migrants from Central America—or Mexicans who purport to be from Central America—are given court dates for asylum claims due to the governmental instability in the region.

Because of the broken immigration system, the facilities to house asylum seekers are packed to the gills, thus migrants get released into the United States, and they simply never show up for their court date.

Compounding the issue, Democrats are creating “sanctuary cities” where local municipalities won’t cooperate with ICE agents who have deportation orders for illegal aliens.

Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf went so far as to tip off illegal aliens to ICE raids in her city.

Democrats have put the interests of illegal aliens before those of American citizens.

They’re completely unfazed by harrowing stories from Angel Moms who’ve lost loved ones to illegal alien crime.

Instead, they spout off misleading statistics about immigrants committing less crime than American-born citizens.

Even if it were true—it isn’t (leftists who regurgitate that talking point are purposely conflating legal and illegal immigration)—illegal aliens shouldn’t be committing any crimes in America.

Worse yet, left-wing activists are both encouraging and abetting well-coordinated migrant caravans from Central America to storm the southern border.

Democrats in some progressive cities are already allowing illegal aliens to vote in local school board matters, and are hoping to expand the franchise of illegal aliens.

Birthright citizenship and chain migration are also outdated practices that are making the problem of illegal immigration much worse.

Too many people flowing into a country too quickly is both destabilizing and straining to the economy.

And the Democrats are actively inviting it because they want the new voters.

While illegal aliens can’t lawfully vote in statewide and national elections, their children can, and they pull the lever for the Democrats 80% of the time.

The consequences of unfettered immigration are real.

America is the most generous nation in terms of letting in immigrants and refugees, but that doesn’t mean open borders—which is basically what our broken system has wrought—is healthy for the country.

Make sure to be prepared if the worst-case scenario happens.

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