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One Government Failure Is A Warning Sign For A Bigger Emergency

One Government Failure Is A Warning Sign For A Bigger Emergency


The rapid growth of government is a serious concern.

Not only are our freedoms being rolled back, bloated bureaucracies are leading to bad mismanagement.

And one huge government failure is a warning sign for a bigger emergency on the horizon.

The state of California is on fire.

Wildfires have ravaged both Northern and Southern California, causing massive amounts of damage, and even loss of life.

While liberals foolishly blame climate change, the problem of wildfires has been made significantly worse by poor governance.

And those bad policies are leading to another California crisis: blackouts.

The power company Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) took a massive financial hit last year when a deadly forest fire was caused by porous equipment and infrastructure.

In order to reduce the possibility of forest fires, PG&E has been conducting forced blackouts, which have been a complete disaster.

One man who relied on a respirator even died as a result of the poorly planned blackout.

But the real culprit behind the blackouts is the government of California.

PG&E is heavily regulated by the state, which means it’s often at the whims of bad liberal policy.

For example, the utility company has been forced into supporting wind energy boondoggles instead of diverting resources to upgrade infrastructure.

Wind energy also presents a problem because it requires exposed power lines – which increase the risk of fires – to run all the way to the wind turbines, which can only be placed in limited areas.

Wind energy, green subsidies, and other leftist environmental initiatives are not efficient uses of resources, but PG&E’s hands are tied by California policies.

PG&E employees have even been shot at, which shows just how good government propaganda is.

The government creates the mess and then passes the buck.

In addition to the terrible policies forced on PG&E, bad land management by the government is responsible for the fires.

Local conservationists understand that controlled burns and deforestation need to take place in order to make sure areas don’t get too dry and become tinderboxes in the searing California heat.

But bad environmentalist regulations have made it harder to clear out shrubbery and dead foliage that increase the potential of a fire breaking out.

California is often considered a bellwether for the rest of the country.

This should scare residents in other parts of the United States, because California is a horribly managed state.

Due to massive Democrat voting blocs in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, the left basically has a super-majority in the state, and they pass terrible laws left and right.

It’s why Los Angeles and San Francisco are decaying, and thousands of Californians are fleeing the state.

California has become unlivable, and if these policies spread, the rest of the country will get there, too.

It’s incredibly important to fight for the freedoms that so many Californians have either willfully given up, or had stripped from them.

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