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Globalists Are Lying About One Disaster To Push For More Control

Globalists Are Lying About One Disaster To Push For More Control

Australian Fires

Governments are losing control over their citizens.

The big-government schemes of the past are beginning to become less effective.

Now globalists are lying about one disaster to push for more control.

Over time, government gradually gets larger and individual freedoms suffer as a consequence.

Once freedoms are gone, it’s incredibly difficult for citizens to get them back.

That’s what’s made Brexit so interesting; it looks like the people of Great Britain might actually get their country back from the clutches of the European Union.

Globalists have been using scare tactics to scare citizens into giving up their rights to a growing centralized authority, and one of their most powerful tools is environmentalism.

Leftists in the environmentalist movement have used fear-mongering for decades in an attempt to control free enterprise.

Over the years, the concerns have included global warming, global cooling, overpopulation, scarce oil, and apocalyptic weather events.

None of the doomsday predictions have come true.

In fact, many countries are suffering from a dwindling population, and there’s more oil on the planet than there was when the predictions were first made.

That’s why the environmentalist movement settled on the nebulous term “climate change,” which means exactly nothing.

The climate has been changing forever.

Any time there’s a natural disaster, the climate radicals pretend as if climate change is the cause, and the only solution is radical transfers of power to the government.

The latest example of this is the string of bushfires in Australia.

Bushfires have ravaged the country, killing 18 people along with wildlife.

The usual suspects of climate hysteria immediately jumped on climate change as the cause for the devastating fires.

Hollywood actors pounded the pulpit at the Golden Globes, hectoring viewers about the need for radical action to combat climate change.

But there’s one problem with that narrative.

The fires were caused by arson.

Nearly 200 people across Australia have been arrested in connection with the fires.

According to Dr. Paul Read, co-director of the National Centre for Research in Bushfire and Arson, roughly 85% of bushfires are caused by humans intentionally or accidentally starting them.

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The spate of arrests suggest that arson is very likely the main cause of the disaster.

But instead of asking the questions of who’s starting the fires and why, the environmentalist lobby is still banging the drum of climate change.

They can’t let facts get in the way of a good narrative.

If there was ever any doubt about the true motives of these activists, look no further than the Green New Deal proposed by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The plan reads like a communist manifesto instead of a blueprint for anything practical.

Even her former chief of staff admitted during an interview that it was ultimately a plan for sweeping economic change.

These globalists want to eliminate borders and put control in the hands of a select group of elites.

But the harder they push, the more people are beginning to wake up.

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