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Globalist Organization Just Gave Sobering News About The Coronavirus

Globalist Organization Just Gave Sobering News About The Coronavirus

Dr. Mike Ryan Coronavirus

The Wuhan virus has caused a worldwide catastrophe of the highest order.

Health officials have been scrambling for months to solve the problem of the outbreak.

But one globalist organization just gave some sobering news about the coronavirus.

There are nearly 4.7 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus around the world and over 300,000 people have died.

The virus that originated in Wuhan, China has spread into a global pandemic that’s done irreparable damage to the world economy.

The United Nations says over 100 million people could starve as a result of countries shutting down.

And now the World Health Organization has given some eye-opening news about the coronavirus.

WHO Emergencies Director Dr. Mike Ryan said, “I think it’s important to put this on the table: this virus may become just another endemic virus in our communities, and this virus may never go away.”

Dr. Ryan’s message should be a wake-up call to the people who have argued that lockdown orders should stay in place until a vaccine or effective treatment is discovered.

Dr. Ryan added, “HIV has not gone away, but we have come to terms with the virus and we have found the therapies and we found the prevention methods and people don’t feel as scared as they did before…I’m not comparing the two diseases, but I think it is important that we should be realistic. And I don’t think anyone can predict when or if this disease will disappear.”

This should give more credence to the notion that it’s time for people to start living their lives again.

Indefinite lockdowns are completely infeasible and many citizens are beginning to defy the excessive orders.

While Dr. Ryan argued the virus could be around forever, the head of WHO, Dr. Tedros, also said there are multiple candidates for a vaccine.

Dr. Tedros said, “We have good candidates now…The top ones are around seven, eight. But we have more than a hundred candidates.”

However, he also made a plea for more money for the organization.

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The WHO has raised $8 billion in funding to find a vaccine to combat the coronavirus, but Dr. Tedros said that is “not enough.”

It’s impossible to know what is and isn’t true coming from WHO, which has been badly compromised, but there is growing optimism about a possible vaccination.

In the meantime, citizens around the world are ready to restart their lives. Even people in deep blue states like California are going to the beach – lockdown or not.

People should be trusted to open up their businesses while still adhering to increased safety guidelines.

Nobody wants more people to die from the virus.

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