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One Global Threat Has Completely Spiraled Out Of Control

One Global Threat Has Completely Spiraled Out Of Control

Sweden Refugees

America’s national sovereignty is under attack.

The roots of the assault can be understood by similar threats around the world.

And now one global threat has completely spiraled out of control.

In 2017, Democrats laughed when Donald Trump said that Sweden was having all sorts of problems as a result of bringing in too many refugees all at once.

Instead of grappling with the issue, liberals chose to completely disregard the problem.

But since then, the migrant problem has only gotten worse.

In 2015, Sweden brought in refugees from Syria and other Muslim-majority countries.

Instead of bringing in a manageable number of migrants and assimilating them properly, Sweden brought in an eye-popping 160,000.

Of those 160,000, only around 500 were able to secure jobs.

There simply weren’t enough jobs to handle that many people who didn’t share a culture or a language.

For this reason, the refugees have been grouped into ghettos that have been deemed “no-go zones” where journalists and social services enter at their own peril.

Perhaps the biggest problem regarding the refugee crisis is Western countries’ obsession with multiculturalism.

The word multiculturalism sounds benign, but it’s actually incredibly dangerous.

It’s a concept that says no culture is better or worse than any other, so refugees are actively being taught not to assimilate to the culture of their host country.

This does nothing but sow division and chaos.

Since the massive refugee surge, violent crime and sexual assault have increased in Sweden.

A popular music festival was actually canceled because of the number of sexual assaults occurring against young women.

And outside of countries embroiled in war, Sweden has sadly become the grenade attack capital of the world.

In order to combat this problem, Swedish police officials came up with an asinine plan.

They invited 12 gang leaders (9 showed up) to a pizza summit – because apparently slices of pizza can reduce bombing campaigns.

The problem has gotten so bad that the Sweden Democrats, a party that once had direct ties to neo-Nazis, is now polling as the most popular political faction.

Instead of addressing the migrant issue head on, progressive European countries like Sweden have opted to bury their heads in the sand and tell everyone there’s nothing to see here.

The problem is exacerbated even further by Sweden’s robust welfare state.

Taxpayers are bankrolling over 100,000 imported people who are being told by multiculturalists that their host country hates them.

This is incredibly dangerous, and something similar is happening in the United States.

Leftists in the U.S. are also pushing multiculturalism and telling refugees, immigrants, and illegal aliens that America is a deeply racist country.

This is insane; the U.S. takes in more immigrants than any other country, in addition to the 20+ million immigrants that are already here illegally.

If a country doesn’t have control of its border, it will eventually collapse.

Unfortunately, that breakdown is taking place in Sweden, and it’s slowly coming to America as well.

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