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Get Ready: They Have Started in Europe and They’ll Try To Shove It Down Our Throats Here

Get Ready: They Have Started in Europe and They’ll Try To Shove It Down Our Throats Here

Some people have observed that immigrants seem to often want to remake the place where they now live into the image of where they came from. You see this in many large cities where you have a “Little Italy” section or a “Chinatown” section they have the distinctive feel of those cultures. But Italian immigrants and Chinese immigrants do not seem to confused about the fact that they are Americans.

Which is why you should be concerned about this news:

Muslims have immigrated to Germany, and, now, a Muslim living in the Netherlands has requested that the Munich, Germany government cancel Oktoberfest because it offends Muslims and might offend Muslim immigrants such as the Syrian “refugees” that are moving to Germany. This sounds suspiciously like a pretext, an early warning, of Muslim violence to come in Germany over religious disagreements.

Now, in case you think that this is just someone who wants to practice their religion in peace with peaceful intentions, remind me again how many Muslims kill other Muslims who disagree with them. Do you think this is sane, rational, and peaceful? Or maybe we should just remind you about “cultural jihad.” And, in case you are wondering, yes they are targeting wealthier countries like America.

They are coming to take America away from rational, sane, peaceful Americans and want to turn it into the nightmare that you see play out every day in the Middle East.

Don’t want that? Well, considering our government’s assistance in helping Muslims do this to America, your best choice may be to be prepared to bug out and go out on your own.

What do you think: Coming Muslim takeover of America or just a scary coincidence?

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