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George Soros Just Put One U.S. City In Serious Danger

George Soros Just Put One U.S. City In Serious Danger

Billionaire globalist George Soros has a plan to undermine America.

He doesn’t believe in countries having national sovereignty.

Now Soros just put one U.S. city in serious danger.

George Soros openly admits that he has a messiah complex.

He told a British newspaper in 1993:

“It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.”

And by “live it out,” Soros means pursuing a globalist agenda to centralize power and weaken national sovereignty around the globe.

Soros has destabilized economies around the world, and he’s hitting America by sowing chaos and pushing for open borders policies.

Soros is also throwing cash at progressive district attorneys who pursue soft-on-crime agendas and undermine the rule of law.

The latest DA race Soros has inserted himself into is in Los Angeles where he’s funding far-left candidate George Gascón.

Gascón was previously the DA in San Francisco where a literal communist now holds his former office.

In Los Angeles, Gascón is running against incumbent Jackie Lacey, the first black woman to hold the office.

But now that Soros and other far-left activists are backing Gascón, Mayor Eric Garcetti is switching his endorsement from Lacey to the progressive challenger.

Garcetti said in a statement:

“George Gascón will help our county shift the burden from the criminal justice system and jails toward diversion, intervention and re-entry programs that save money and save lives…He is a leader who I have known and trusted for nearly twenty years who can meet this moment.”

Los Angeles is the country’s largest prosecutor’s office, so this would be a huge coup for Soros.

He’s successfully seated radical DAs in San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and a handful of other cities.

Even though Soros’s actions are all out in the open, not even Fox News wants to discuss what he’s doing.

Soft-on-crime policies have been tried before, and they were a complete disaster.

They made New York City unlivable throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

Progressive district attorneys nudge the country one step closer toward morality policing, which would be disastrous.

Under that paradigm, people who have the correct politics are allowed to operate with impunity, and those who don’t are harassed and prosecuted.

For example, Lacey’s husband was charged with brandishing a firearm after a mob of Black Lives Matter protesters knocked on his door at 5 in the morning.

So mobs are allowed to form and intimidate outside people’s homes, but people are not allowed to ward off the mobs.

Several Democrat-run cities have been under siege for months, and the district attorneys continually cut the rioters loose.

In Chicago, Soros-backed DA Kim Foxx let rioters go, and several weeks later, many of them were involved in the brazen mass looting that took place in the Magnificent Mile shopping district.

Americans need to know if DAs in their city are being backed by Soros because crime is very likely to follow if they are.

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