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George Soros Is Bringing Chaos To Another City With One Devious Act

George Soros Is Bringing Chaos To Another City With One Devious Act

George Soros

Billionaire globalist George Soros has been sowing discord across the country for years.

He’s dumped untold millions into causes that weaken America.

And Soros is bringing chaos to another city with one devious act.

George Soros has made it clear that he believes in global governance, and national sovereignty is an obstacle to his goals.

He’s used his considerable fortune to destabilize world economies to his benefit and now he’s actively trying to undermine the United States.

One of his tactics is to pour money into campaigns for progressive district attorneys who are incredibly soft on crime.

Soros has backed candidates in San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, St. Louis, and several other cities.

Now Soros is funding a far left district attorney candidate in Los Angeles.

Gascón was previously the district attorney in San Francisco, but stepped down and was replaced by a literal communist.

Gascón has taken his act south and is running against incumbent Jackie Lacey, Los Angeles’s first ever black district attorney.

Lacey has the support of the police unions, which has put her at odds with the hard leftists in her party.

Lacey’s husband was also the center of controversy when Black Lives Matter extremists banged on their door at 5 AM and he answered the door brandishing a gun.

California’s far-left attorney general Xavier Becerra even pursued charges against Lacey’s husband for defending their home against a riled up mob.

In addition to Soros, Gascón has the support of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and other hard leftists.

The consequence of progressive DAs has been predictably disastrous.

Violent crime has risen in all the cities where Soros-backed DAs have risen to power, most notably in Chicago and Philadelphia.

Both cities have seen a significant spike in violent crime, and Chicago State’s Attorney Kim Foxx was the prosecutor who let actor Jussie Smollett go with a slap on the wrist after he perpetrated a fake hate crime.

Soros’s impact on elections is undeniable, but somehow it’s become verboten to talk about it.

Democrats always screech about getting money out of politics, but they have no problem with Soros funneling cash into the coffers of far-left DAs.

Soft-on-crime policies do not have a good track record.

It was tried in several major cities going back as far as the late 1960s, most notably in New York City, and the results were not good.

If a critical mass of progressive district attorneys get elected, the country could experience the same crime wave New York City saw in the 1970s and ‘80s.

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