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One Frightening Poll Could Mean America Is On The Brink Of Crisis

One Frightening Poll Could Mean America Is On The Brink Of Crisis


America is not safe despite being the world’s greatest superpower.

There’s an enemy within our borders that’s causing serious problems.

And one frightening poll could mean America is on the brink of a crisis.

Socialism is a virus that refuses to go away.

Despite the utter destruction and the murderous ideology has caused all over the globe, it’s more popular than ever.

A new Rasmussen poll showed that 42% of young Americans aged 18-39 would happily vote for a socialist presidential candidate.

A Harris poll conducted earlier this year found similar findings; roughly 50% of young Americans prefer socialism to capitalism.

And a Gallup poll showed that 47% of all Americans would vote in a socialist for president, and the number was as high as 70% among Democrats.

These numbers are frightening.

Americans have been told by far-left activists masquerading as teachers, journalists, and entertainers that socialism simply means paying for roads and other public goods.

They argue that healthcare is a human right.

The problem is that this is a clever, yet diabolical fiction.

Socialism doesn’t mean free stuff like college tuition.

It means public ownership of all production and abolition of property rights.

When people are educated on what that means and what the costs of such a system are, they like it a lot less.

Freedom is in the DNA of every American.

But socialists have been hard at work to move the country far left.

Their strategy is to take over all institutions in order to accomplish their goal.

The main culprit is the universities.

The socialists who held no role in the private sector—and who resented the successful free-marketeers who weren’t as well read as they were—congregated in the academies.

They trained the next generation of activists who went on to teach K-12, pursue journalism, work in law, and every other walk of life.

“The Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx remains one of the most frequently assigned books in college – but professors aren’t critiquing it as much as they are endorsing it.

First, young people are being told that everything bad is the fault of capitalism.

So high costs of healthcare are blamed on the free market when it’s actually heavy regulation that dramatically drives up costs.

A lack of transparency in pricing is the main reason why the cost is driven up, but there are regulations in place that prevent transparency.

If these young people who wear Che Guevara T-shirts knew that he was a murderer and a racist, they may not look at him as a hero anymore.

If they knew about the Soviet gulags, Cambodian killing fields, Maoist struggle sessions, the Ukrainian famine, and a laundry list of other atrocities, their tune would change.

But they’re not being taught the truth.

Unless we start getting the word out, the problem will only get worse, and American freedom will be left in the hands of people who believe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a competent leader.

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