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The Threat Of A Frightening Pandemic Is Becoming More Severe

The Threat Of A Frightening Pandemic Is Becoming More Severe


Serious threats to the American social order comes in my forms.

One of those concerns is the possibility of a deadly disease.

And the threat of a terrifying pandemic is becoming more severe.

Left-wing policies eventually wreak havoc on a city.

High taxes and burdensome regulations drive out business and limit productivity.

Excessive government spending strains city resources and ultimately leads to higher taxes that worsen the problem or to austerity measures that cut people’s pensions unexpectedly.

And in terms of social policy, liberal governance leads to more crime and acceptance of widespread homelessness in the name of “compassion.”

These problems are currently hitting San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and other liberal cities that have lost their way.

San Francisco and Los Angeles, two of the richest cities in the country, have seen third-world shantytowns pop up all over town.

With this growing public health crisis, infectious disease is skyrocketing.

Controlled diseases like typhus and eradicated diseases like the bubonic plague are scarily making a strong comeback.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) delisted typhus back in 1994 because it had become so uncommon, but now it’s rebounded in Los Angeles.

The rise in homelessness has led to more trash and rodents, which carry disease.

Insects and fleas transmit the diseases from rats to domesticated animals like dogs, so the problem isn’t contained to within tent cities.

The police officers who have been given stand-down orders from leftist mayors and city councils have also been put at risk of contracting these illnesses.

Human feces on the street has become such a widespread issue in San Francisco, there’s a phone app to alert people where it is on the streets.

Used needles also litter the streets and parks, and STD cases have hit a 30-year high in California.

These cities are in the throes of liberal madness.

West coast ultra-liberals have enjoyed super-majorities for years, and the policies are now bearing its rotten fruit.

It is not compassionate to allow people to live in squalor in the street.

Liberals will claim it’s a funding issue, but funding for homeless programs have increased exponentially with nothing but more homelessness and more disease to show for it.

They’re making themselves and people around them sick, and the problem is getting worse.

And this crisis is only exacerbated by the waves of illegal aliens crossing the border without proper vetting.

By 2000, measles was another infectious disease that had all been wiped out.

In 2018, there were 372 cases of measles, and 2019 is on pace to surpass that number.

Approximately 2,000 illegal aliens in ICE facilities were quarantined for measles, so the government has been a complete failure on keeping the citizenry safe.

With these looming threats, it’s more important than ever to have strong quarantine and first-aid protocols in place.

You may need the ability to hunker down for a while in the midst of a severe outbreak.

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