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What To Do If One Foreign Enemy Attacks Us Directly

What To Do If One Foreign Enemy Attacks Us Directly


Global tensions are running high.

There are several foreign enemies that would love to strike a blow to the United States.

Here’s what to do if an enemy attacks the U.S. directly.

An attack on American soil is a realistic possibility.

Though the situation with Iran has de-escalated, the regime is not above lashing out or funding a militia group to carry out an attack.

There’s also intelligence that suggests Iran has sleeper cells within the United States already.

China has designs on being the global hegemon, and North Korea is always a thorn in the side.

These reasons are why you can’t assume a foreign enemy wouldn’t strike.

A black swan moment—a highly likely event you can’t see coming—could occur at any moment.

Americans can be lulled into a sense of security, and then a black swan event like Pearl Harbor or 9/11 happens.

Don’t allow yourself to get caught off guard.

The first thing to consider is your bug-out location.

Know exactly where you’re going to go if the SHTF.

The most likely targets are major metropolitan cities and military bases, so try to establish a bug-out location that’s outside a 50-mile radius of these potential targets.

Also, have multiple evacuation routes, because you never know if one could be shut down in the face of a crisis.

If you do choose to bug out, be decisive, otherwise you could find yourself trapped within an urban environment.

Next, be prepared for an EMP that could greatly hamper the power grid.

Urban areas would be devastated by a calculated EMP strike.

Stay ahead of the curve with alternative power sources, such as generators, batteries, lanterns, and solar panels.

Reliance on the power grid could be incredibly costly in the face of an attack.

Next, cybersecurity is incredibly important.

Cyberattacks are much more likely than a barrage of missiles.

While that may not seem like a big deal, cyberattacks can do significant damage.

Sony Pictures suffered greatly in the aftermath of North Korean hackers spilling company emails.

Your personal data could be used in all kinds of nefarious ways.

And your money could be at risk if banking institutions are affected.

The best way to combat a cyberattack is to take your online security very seriously.

Consider investing in a VPN subscription so you can surf the web with protection of privacy.

Don’t pick passwords that could easily be guessed, and don’t click on suspicious email links, even if it’s from someone in your address book.

Finally, if an unthinkable nuclear strike were to occur, make sure you can hunker down for the radiation to drop down to benign levels.

Being farther away from the blast nucleus is the most important factor, but being able to stay inside for one or two weeks could be a lifesaver.

If you’re prepared for a belligerent nation or militant group lashing out, you’ll have a lot more peace of mind knowing you’ll be ready.

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