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Food Prepping For SHTF On The Cheap

Food Prepping For SHTF On The Cheap

If you aren’t already getting prepared for a disaster situation, you may be thinking that prepping will require you to buy all kinds of things that you don’t already have and that you may not be able to afford, especially if you are on a tight budget. And you definitely can do it that way if you want. However, there is another way.

Yes, you actually can prep on the cheap.

So, here are some budget friendly food items that you may already have or that you can get (cheap!), broken out by categories (hat tip to here for source information):

  • Rice, dried grains, dried beans: Very often all of these food options only require water and heat to make a full meal (yes, you can make a full meal on pinto beans and rice. I’ve done it many times.).
  • Ramen noodles and other pastas: Again, just add water and heat. You may want to add some other items in for flavor, but pasta will fill you up and give you calories to burn.
  • Canned goods: They keep for a good long time, and all you need is a can opener and (preferably) a spoon. Unless you are temperature-sensitive. In which case, add some heat.
  • Tea: It’s just plain tasty and, depending on the type of tea, can be a handy way to get some caffeine in your system without having to grind coffee beans. If you are from the South, you may need to add sugar to make this to taste.
  • Salt and spices: With some judicious use of these, you can take the same base ingredients and turn it into a nice variety of dishes and flavors. Believe me, preventing boredom in your diet relieves a surprising amount of life stress compared to eating the same things day in and day out.
  • Powdered drink mixes: Again, it’s about adding variety to the flavor of your drinks. This can also help kids to deal with the difficulty of the SHTF situation by giving them some drinking options that please their little palettes.
  • Boxed shelf-storable vegetable stock and milk: This gives you options for creating soups, variations on pasta dishes (chicken and dumplings, anyone), and milk-based dishes, assuming that the whole meal will be eaten fairly quickly (to prevent storage problems for the leftovers).

What are your suggestions for food prepping on the cheap? Share them below.

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