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The Five Dangers That Can Get You Killed When Going Off The Grid

The Five Dangers That Can Get You Killed When Going Off The Grid

More and more people are fleeing overcrowded metropolises in exchange for more rural areas.

But life outside of the city presents its own challenges.

Here are the five dangers that can get you killed when going off the grid.

Several factors are causing people to leave massive cities in droves.

With big cities comes leftist governance, which leads to higher taxes, higher cost of living, more intrusive government, and other policies that breed other problems.

West Coast cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle are dealing with infectious disease outbreaks due to a sharp increase in homelessness, spurred on by bad policies.

Increased traffic and failing infrastructure can turn these cities’ highways into bottlenecks.

There are also growing economic and geopolitical concerns that have people opting for a simpler life.

However, going off the grid comes with many challenges.

If you don’t go into it with clear eyes, it can cost you your life.

Here are five dangers associated with going off the grid.

  1. Rushing into it

Sometimes impulsive decisions can lead to something unexpected and great, but that’s hardly ever the case when it comes to survivalism.

If you opt to go off the grid without fully grappling the weight of it, you might find yourself with buyer’s remorse.

If you’re heart and mind aren’t into it, you’ll have no chance of survival over the long haul.

  1. Lack of skills

Some preppers emphasize supplies over skill.

This is a huge mistake.

Even if you go off the grid with a healthy stock of supplies, things can happen in a hurry, or maybe you went through your supplies quicker than expected.

The goal should be to have skills that can compensate for loss of supplies.

  1. Not knowing the area

This can happen when people are only familiar with a certain area at a certain time of the year.

You might be unaware of just how harsh the winters can be, or you might be in an area that’s susceptible to forest fires.

It’s critical to know your location inside and out.

Know what your climate is capable of over the course of many years, and even decades.

  1. No allies

Humans are social creatures.

It’s incredibly difficult to go off the grid on your own.

Having loved ones with you on the journey is important, but it’s a good idea to try and build a community of people you can trust and lean on for support.

Even lone wolf survivalists will need help eventually.

  1. Outside forces

Similar to knowing your terrain, be aware of outside forces such as wild animals.

Wild boars, bears, and other animals can not only do physical harm to you, but they can destroy crops.

Also, you have to be prepared for invaders who could potentially steal your land.

Urban environments aren’t the only places where people look to take what isn’t theirs.

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