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Your First-Aid Kit Should Have These Essential Items

Your First-Aid Kit Should Have These Essential Items


Maintaining proper health is the most important part of survivalism.

All of the preparation in the world won’t matter if you’re not taking care of yourself.

For that reason, every prepper first-aid kit should have these essential items.

Staying in good health can be a challenge with all kinds of food temptation and plenty of entertainment distractions to keep us from dedicating time to fitness.

Maintaining good health becomes even more challenging in an emergency.

If the SHTF, you want to make sure your first-aid kit contains vitamins and antibiotics.

Vitamins are essentially what keeps our bodies functioning at a high level.

For example, Vitamin C helps with the immune system and Vitamin D helps maintain strong bones.

Vitamin deficiencies can cause all kinds of serious health problems, but on a daily level can cause symptoms such as chronic fatigue, which makes it much harder to get through the day and accomplish your tasks.

Multivitamins are a good way to maintain health, but there are a lot of bad products on the market.

Beware of multivitamins that have a lot of additives and filler.

Many multivitamins contain sugar, which is not what you want.

Good multivitamins will be even more important in a SHTF scenario where healthy food choices could be limited.

You can’t afford to have a compromised immune system or brittle bones when facing difficult circumstances.

Have a healthy stock of multivitamins to maintain proper nutrient levels.

Also, antibiotics are an effective way to fight dangerous infections.

If you’re looking to store antibiotics for your SHTF first-aid kit, consult medical guides on which antibiotics fight which infections.

While antibiotics are an effective tool, they’ve become overprescribed by some doctors.

Some patients even use leftover antibiotics from a more serious condition to treat common colds.

Overuse of antibiotics can make you susceptible to certain infections, but responsible usage could save your life.

There are several guides available from reputable sources on how antibiotics can be administered.

Storing antibiotics as part of your preparation could give you a leg up over those who don’t pay enough attention to first aid and health.

Most first aid is geared toward acute trauma.

People have a healthy stock of bandages, disinfectant, braces, and other related objects.

But not many consider the importance of vitamins and other preventative measures.

If you maintain good health, you make yourself less vulnerable to illness and injury, and you give yourself a better chance of surviving in a SHTF situation.

It’s easy to get caught up in having the best gear and building the best storage units, but there’s nothing more important than long-term health.

It can’t be taken for granted, especially with so many opportunities for crisis and chaos.

While daily maintenance becomes more difficult when the SHTF, so does everything else.

But that isn’t an excuse to not do everything you can to be healthy, even if modern creature comforts are not a readily available option.

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