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Firearms or a Bow: Which Are Better for SHTF?

Firearms or a Bow: Which Are Better for SHTF?

When thinking of a weapon for a survival situation, most people think about firearms, and, then, possibly a knife of some sort. But there are advantages and disadvantages to firearms just like any other weapon, and, in light of these variables, it may be a good idea to review other options so that you can make an informed decision about what weapon to own when the SHTF.

When comparing archery with firearms, a first consideration may be ammunition. notes,

“Ammo is hard to make. You gotta have all the supplies and equipment though. You gonna bring a reloader and ball ammo in your bugout bag? If you’re not set up with a semi-stationary bugout location, you’re not gonna reload. You’ll have to carry or obtain ammo that’s already been made. Because of this, archery has an advantage in the ammo department.”

Another consideration is how loud a gun shot is especially when compared to an arrow. If you are concerned about defending yourself against multiple attackers, it may be worth considering that you can take them out one at a time over a period of time without the noise of a 12 gauge (or even a .22) giving away your location from the sound.

On the flip side is the distance of the attack. No matter how strong the compound bow (or crossbow), they just won’t fire as far as a rifle. If you are in a defensible position that is difficult to get to (so that knowing your location is not so much of an issue), then distance fighting to keep attackers from getting near to you is a big advantage.

Also, if you are facing attackers who have some type of body armor, a bow may not have the puncturing power that you need to defend yourself. Though, to give perspective, writes,

“Arrows won’t penetrate armor either, but are you actually all that likely to come across dudes all armored-up? Even if you do, they’re not fully armored – just the critical parts.”

The bottom line is that either a bow or a gun can be a great choice for a survival weapon, and you may want to have both on hand so that you have the best of both worlds. To make the decision, though, we recommend that you try to think through your preferred offensive/defensive strategy should you be attacked, and then make your purchase based on which weapon best fits your needs for that strategy.

What would you choose: a bow or a gun and why? Tell us below.

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